You Are Allowed 3 Great Women In Your Life

Recently, my cousin read our ‘Our ‘Lovescapades’, and he hasn’t stopped talking about the way I described my greatest love. The constant anxiety I felt seemed really funny to him.

Trying to shed more light to the situation, I made him understand that I am glad and grateful I felt that way for that particular girl. ( I wanted to feel that way for someone and I really thank God it was her).

The world is relatively selfish and self-centered. And to be honest, I have had my fair share of being a victim of people that have no respect for other people’s emotions. Despite the intensity of what I felt for this girl and the amount of power she had over me, ( I was completely out of sense with this girl, with others, I was always cautious, but with her, my guard was totally down) the fact that she didn’t take advantage of it makes me eternally indebted to her.

It’s really rare to see someone who necessarily doesn’t feel you with the same intensity you feel them with, but respects, treats and showers you with all the care and gentleness in the world.

It speaks a lot about humanity, really. Because of her I am less pessimistic and still believe in the goodness of people. And as if God had me in mind, after her, I dated an amazing soul for a year who also made me enjoy love.

There is a song (Bas- great one) that sampled a conversation of a man who claims that you are only allowed 3 great women in your lifetime, and I would have classified these two as my two great ones, but I don’t want to accept that I just have one left.

So for the sake of my precious soul😌, I have just met one and still have two more to go. I hope when I meet them we would have outgrown the childishness and stupidity that accompanies adolescence and young adulthood. No excuses about why we shouldn’t be together, let’s just be mature and not play games.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.


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