Y’all Are Moving Mad! The Night King Is Klaus’ Bitch. Anyday, Anytime.

Hello fam! So I decided to do my usual twitter run-around and you won’t believe I found people comparing Klaus to the Night King!!!

First of all, the Night King is overhyped. He is overhyped because no one knew what exactly he was like and that created unnecessary fear. The Night King who couldn’t face Jon Snow in a one-on-one combat is who they are comparing to Klaus!!😒

We all know that if Klaus was the villain, all these would have been a different story. Brian would have been dead way before the woman in red could get the wood to catch fire (I don’t understand why it took the lord of light forever to answer her).

I mean did you all forget Klaus’ speed and his power to compel?!! And let’s not forget that Klaus enjoys being evil. The battle at winterfell would have been dinner for him with Arya Stark as a topping to his special cuisine.

The only thing that might pose a threat to Klaus’ life is Daenerys’ dragons, but the whole battle would have been over before she could even get on them.

Remember that Klaus had to die so Hope could survive, not because he was defeated. Let’s all respect ourselves.

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