Why You Should Be Grateful For Heart breaks

If you are currently experiencing a heart break, sorry, I know pain demands to be felt, but when you are done drowning in your own sadness, get up and say thank you for the heartbreak.

I see a lot of people come out and say stuffs like, ‘I wasted my emotions and love on someone that wasn’t worth it’. And actually, that is where y ‘all get it wrong.

Emotions and feelings are not about the other person, they are about you; the heart racing, the worrying, the ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ feeling, the ‘I can’t wait to talk to this person”, the constant blushing, all these are feelings you were lucky to experience, so say thank you.

They are all for you to enjoy, people are too obsessed with the other person reciprocating that same energy they give and fail to enjoy being expressive and vulnerable. Vulnerability is an underrated and a misunderstood concept.

I miss being heartbroken, although when I was, it felt like hell, that doesn’t change the fact that it made me really feel, it gave me a story, I had feelings, I felt like a human being and not just a fucking robot.

There have been girls that ghosted me, there have been girls that drifted without reason, those who made me feel needy or made me feel like I was trying too hard, but instead of going all ‘fuck you, fuck you’ I am actually happy that they made me want something.

Also, let us not forget that there are over 7 billion people in the world, so if a person fucks you up, they are actually doing you a favor, telling you that instead of wasting your time on them, you should focus on the remaining 6,999,999 people.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.


  1. I absolutely agree with this, although i got heartbroken it still gave me feelings, I was happy sometimes over the moon it just showed that am human and a sucker for love

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