What Is Happening To Football In Nigeria?

I am not a fan of football or any other sport, but I stan success stories, I love seeing people who came from nothing win.

This is what sports and entertainment have been doing for our country and I love it.

But we all know that while there are few success stories, there is an ocean of talented people that still need opportunities.

I’ve heard of academies that help groom football talents but I don’t know how functional they are. That’s not even the point because even if scouts come, they come for one player or two, what then happens to rest?

Today I was walking around Ofada, Mowe, Ogun state when I saw a group of boys training this young keeper who doesn’t look older than 8. And I am not exaggerating, this kid’s reflexes are sick, he is really good and he dives it like a professional.

I stood and watched the kid for a while and wondered if his talents will just go to waste. There is so much the academy can do,but they can’t help everyone, and not everyone would go to Europe.

The problem is that the Nigerian Football Association is trash. I mean, the country’s league is a mess already, and why isn’t versity sports taken seriously? People abroad get endorsement deals for playing for their schools alone.

In England, there are about two or more divisions of football, which means more clubs, more competition, and more avenue for a lot of people to make money kicking ball. Not everyone will be big or play at the big stages, but at least everyone will get something and everyone will get paid. There should be different opportunities and avenues to make your dreams come true.

By the way, some of these scouts set up the players they get from Africa with slave contracts. If we build our sport, talent will shine and maybe one day, we might win the World Cup.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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