Weekend of Fate: The Premier League Decider.

The Premier League will be back in action from tonight, with Leicester City taking on Newcastle United at the King Power Stadium with one team trying to cement their top-half status while the other is battling to make the top half. One thing that is certain this weekend is that, the Premier League race is coming to an end and every competing team is a game away from having their fates decided.

With Huddersfield and Fulham certain of relegation at the end of the season, Cardiff City still has a glimmer of hope to stay in the league; but they face a resurgent Burnley side at the Turf Moor.

Having discussed the “Bottom Three”, we got to talk about the “Top Six” as it is popularly called. This position is a ticket for these teams to Europe Elite competitions next season and Tottenham Hotspurs have the fate of their top 4 Champions League qualification spot at stake as they take on already relegated Huddersfield at their new stadium. Manchester United also has to struggle for points to make the top four as they play West Ham at Old Trafford. Arsenal F.C has to rebound from their defeat to Everton last weekend to keep their hopes alive as they take on Watford.

However, the defining moment of the league has to be the games between the two title challenging teams; Liverpool and Manchester City as they both take on Chelsea and Crystal Palace respectively. For Liverpool, this game would hold so much memory and emotions, as this time some years back, Chelsea F.C played a defining role in denying them the league under Brendan Rogers after the famous slip of their captain, Steven Gerard. Also, Manchester City might seem to have such an easy opposition, but let’s not be deceived as Crystal Palace was the first team to give Manchester City their first defeat this season.

If you thought the Premier League was just an over-hyped league, then you should have a rethink. Every week is a defining moment and one to keep you glued to your seat with all the drama and actions.

Can Chelsea stop Liverpool from having their hands on the League a second time??? And can Crystal Palace give Manchester City a defining blow to their title challenge???

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