We Should Be Allowed To Talk More About Sex

I was talking to someone I used to consider a friend, well, there isn’t any bad blood, but along the line, damages were done and being civil or having a simple conversation is now a milestone.

And in one of these milestone moments, we took a trip down the memory lane to discuss our innocence. According to her, her very first sexual encounter wasn’t based on love, but her need to explore. While that is perfectly okay, the society has made an unnecessary clause around a girl’s first time, the whole ‘the guy must be special, it must mean something beautiful’ blah blah.

Girls have been fed this for so long and it’s very harmful, ( I’m not trying to start a women movement or anything, I don’t really like them very much at the moment) it’s just that this is unfair to them and the first person they share their first time with.

Fast forward into her story, she had sex with a guy she accessed to be worthy, and according to her analysis, wasn’t going to take advantage of her blah blah. But there was an issue, she didn’t love him, and due to all the shit the society has been feeding the girl’s mind with, she forced a relationship under the delusion of love, and everything just crashed.

Imagine her just being able to be open about her desire to have sexual intercourse. Imagine after she did, she wasn’t shamed or made to feel like a slut just because she wanted to feed her innate needs. A relationship wouldn’t have been lost, a friendship would have been intact, and one person wouldn’t be feeling like he was deceived or used as a tool.

Ps. Communication is key, don’t be out here selling lies and deceit just because you’re scared of what people think.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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