Unsafe Sanctuary

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I don’t know how to be different, Everything I’ve known Everything I’ve seen Might not be perfect but it’s perfectly sane to me : These walls aren't here but I always see them I could practically describe every crack Every hole, embedded in my head Maybe because that's what I've always known : But the world is vast and scary There is an explorer within me Although where I am from, we believe anything new is bad And it’s better to die than trying to feel alive : Safety is a familiar concept here, Yet the dark cloud looming above me never leaves, The windows and doors are wide open But to leave, to leave isn't something I know : This feeling is new So this feeling is bad This feelings makes me try to feel alive This is probably going start killing me inside : I need to break these walls, The thorns are getting bigger The fire meant to keep me warm, burns now. I need to crush this chains, be free of it all : Home doesn’t feel like home anymore I have become an alien to those who know where I am from Peace and tranquillity is far the heart of an explorer And also from the heart of those filled with desire : Though I yearn for the solace of these walls And wish to be enveloped in it's warmth, I now know that the walls were never warm And the solace shattered : The ocean is calling And the wild is inviting I have to heed their call I have to be free from these walls. Cos my sanctuary has become a prison I wish not to be enclosed anymore I step into the the unknown Into the dangerous teeth of freedom : Freedom a foreign concept to my being, Tho safe it seemed, the walls didn't allow me be free Now the wind in my hair The ground beneath my feet I will come back home Home away from the broken walls. Cos my sanctuary is a prison, And never was it safe. : @banjicoker @amys_artistry_

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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