Understanding Guys: The Bro Code

Bro Code

Ladies, we probably do a lot of things that probably get you thinking about your existence, especially when it comes to our friends. Guess you’ve probably heard the phrase “Bros before Hoes”. Well, this is our number one code and out of which everything else stems from. So, here is a list of things you should stop getting worked up over and probably come to terms with ASAP!

  1. We can give your numbers out to whoever we damn please, so deal with it.
  2. Don’t ever ask a brother if he was ever cheating, the response you’ll probably get is an affirmation of his love for you. If he is a nice guy, you’ll get the “why don’t you talk to him” answer. We can never answer your cheating questions.
  3. Please! Please!! Please!!! Nothing can ever come between we and watching our favorite sports. P.S anything could be a sport; football, basketball, and even you, could count as a sport.
  4. Never Cheat on us. Trust me, when the crew hears, you could end up calling 767 or 112, and it ain’t any of us landing in the infirmary.


  1. Lol. Really.We would not ask if he is cheating, all we need do is beat you all up and then punish h for a week but will not say how, that is my own secret

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