The Sadau Hypocrisy!!

The world is filled with a lot of oppressive bullies and hypocrites. Thanks to Social Media, we have been able to witness, firsthand, the extent the Federal Government would go to maintain the status quo and NOT do the right thing. They would rather shoot at unarmed protesters than fight for justice. Similarly, they would rather hoard ‘Indomiieenn’ and other Covid palliatives or share it on their birthdays, than alleviate the sufferings of average Nigerians. Hmmmmm, What a shame!!

Nigeria is a long way from being United

And just when you think they can’t go lower, with joy and gladness of heart, singing mining songs, they get their shovels and dig even deeper. Pretty sure we are almost at the earth’s core or in the middle, cause I really don’t understand where this heat is coming from. Sigh!

Anyways, people of God, they have ordered the arrest of Kallywood actress Rahama Sadau. Apparently, she posted a picture completely “UNCLAD”…lol, naaaah, twas a “SEXTAPE”, at least that’s what I know indecency to be. Unfortunately, that is not the case. She posted a photo wearing a bareback dress, which they claim sparked up blasphemous comments. And of course the ever ready, ever gallant men of the Nigerian police force swung into action. The same set of people that ignored the senator with the sex scandal (with explicit content), and refused to protect the lives and properties of the average Nigerian. Lol. What an irony!

Now, attention has been turned swiftly from seeking justice for those who gave their lives to fight for a better nation and those who died just because they were “Nigerian youths”. By the way, add that to the list of endangered species, cause with this SWAT training I’m seeing, omoooooo, only God can save us.

End Sars/End Swat: Where do we go from here?

Attention has been turned swiftly from creating Jobs opportunities,providing¬† basic amenities, enforcing democracy and fundamental human rights for the average Nigerian, to hurting and defaming an actress who has done absolutely nothing wrong, and has also apologized for doing absolutely nothing wrong. it makes no sense, as the image contains no explicit content or anything that should affect anyone’s belief. She shouldn’t be punished for your weak minds and institutionalized mindsets, birth out of archaic beliefs. THIS IS 2020!!!!!¬†

Living in Nigeria??! These Things Will Kill You.

“Blasphemous comments”, says the Murderer, the Fornicator, the blatant Liar, the Adulterer, the Thief, The Face of Corruption. Lol, the height of double standards and hypocrisy.

If the Nigerian Government isn’t looking for ways to frustrate you, impoverish you, defame you, kill you and make sure you look up to them and beg them for what is RIGHTFULLY yours, that is News to me.

Good day!!


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