The Real Meaning Behind The Movie ‘US’

I was privileged to see the movie last Saturday and i must say, I was impressed. I used the word ‘privileged’ because, I consider this film a masterpiece, although it was a little confusing, I think I finally figured out the deep meanings behind this cinematic experience.

If you’ve seen the movie, you already know that people are being hunted and killed by their doppelgangers. From a more personal view point, I feel the movie is about the side of “US” that we bury and hide from the world, the things we ignore, the things we refuse to deal with, and most of the time this side if left undealt with, comes out to hunt us, hence the doppelgangers. Another view to this is from an holistic perspective where the movie tries to show how the underprivileged rises up to kill the privileged, remember Red saying “how I wish I could have felt the sun… and you take it for granted”. These two explanations do really apply to the movie and here is a plot twist, Adelaide was Red all along, Red was the one with the family and children, Adelaide was the one who died at the end. Red was the the leader of the doppelganger because she could talk, and she could talk because she was a real person and the supposed ‘Adelaide’ took her place when they met in that mirror building, hence her inability to talk when she reunited with her parents. If you haven’t seen it, you should, for better understanding.

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