The Power of the FIRST Kiss

Have you ever asked a girl out and she tells you she gon‘ think about it??!! Or you both have been out on a few occasions, but she doesn’t seem to be interested in “whatever” it is that is going on between you both, and it seems just so one-sided. Or maybe not totally the previous scenerio; how about the situation where you as the guy has been the only one professing love and all she does is smile sheepishly, and pleasantly says, “thank you”. It feels like hell, yeah?! As a guy, I know it does and I feel yah pain. Trust me, I have been there.

But honestly, there is no need to feel like crap about it cos it ain’t your fault and there is definitely nothing wrong with you. You’re just oblivious of the simple trick that does it.

Like every man, every woman has ‘needs’ and they want them satisfied. You can be with a woman for 24hrs all week long and she won’t feel like her needs are being satisfied. Let’s take two-steps back, so we can fully comprehend where I am coming from. The situation and scenerio I’m discussing is one that concerns a guy who is interested in a lady and she is yet to give him a definite response.

So, as a guy once you’re lucky enough to get her attention, she likes you. At least she likes you enough to share her time with you. Which to me is a possibility of you having a chance. But then, after several weeks and months of you doing your ‘guy-man’ moves and feeling all OG, she is yet to tell you yes or no. Know it now that she is waiting to know what there is to you that’s beyond what she sees. And having a lady get some insight into what you’re beyond what meets the eye, lies in the taste of your lip.

You would notice after this moment that you’re either getting your definite YES or NO. Why is this so??! It is the power of your kiss. So you don’t wanna mess this up. For those who successfully gave a good first kiss, you would realize that before you got back to your abode, you either got a text or a call, with her just wanting to check on you. That’s the excitement of the revelation she got from your deed. And if after the kiss all you got from her was cold attitude and distance, I’m sorry, but your attempt wasn’t good enough.

You can refute this claim if you like. But let’s be honest with ourselves here, how many ladies say, “yes” and “I love you too” before the first kiss???! If we can be honest, then we would get a good idea what the degree of truth in this article is. Though, I’ll admit it doesn’t apply to all ladies, but with your honesty, we would agree it does apply to a vast majority.

From a concerned guy to another guy, I’ll advice you work on your kissing game to increase your chances of finally being in an exclusive relationship with that girl you’ve been waiting patiently on.

My next article will discuss the signs to look out for before attempting to kiss, and also the dos and donts of a first kiss.

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