Ladies you all seem to be getting the concept of relationship wrong. You see I have met so many ladies who have an idea of what they want in a man, a list kind of. And if one does not meet up with the contents of the list then there wouldn’t be any relationship. You see there’s really nothing wrong in having a list, setting standards is the key thing to having qualities you want in a guy. But there’s only one problem. No one person can have all the qualities you want……Permutated and combined, the probability of that happening is a big fat zero. And I’m just disappointed at how the words “man of your dreams” still come out from your mouths. There’s no such thing.

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Meanwhile, you decided to neglect the one who truly understands you, who knows your rules, who understands your thought process and has always been there for you. The one person that will be best suited for your dreams has always been beside you. There is just a problem you guys(the female clan), y’all  have decided to shun them, giving an excuse that this person in speaking, belongs to a particular class you created, the  “FRIENDZONE”.

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No guy is ready to invest so much into understanding you to just become “your friend”. No! the thing is that you just decided to be blind.You see this is the reason a lot of relationship fail. You wait there for prince charming who understands nothing about you, yet you don’t have the patience to wait for him to understand. You unconsciously start making comparisons and wondering what the one who you put in the friendzone would do and how he would treat you instead.

Ladies, all I have to say is “Wake up”. The one in the friendzone is THE ONE.

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