The Nigeria Police Wants Us Dead!

Hey guys, can you just take a look at this picture, I mean, can you imagine what this man is asking us to do!😟.

It’s like the top officials of The Nigeria Police Force have no idea how their subordinates operate and they are oblivious of their temperaments.

An average Nigerian police is power drunk and wastes no time in being oppressive, any slight provocation, someone might end up dead.

I mean, take a walk down the street and you will see a policeman with his gun and his finger placed right in front of the trigger. I seriously don’t understand why they do that, why are they always ready to shoot somebody. Like, why are they even allowed to carry AK-47 riffles??? Is there a war going on that I’m oblivious of???

I feel this is just a PR stunt to make the people feel like the police is actually on their side, but we know better, cause what they are asking us to do is just one of the thousand ways to die.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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