The Movie “Joker” Isn’t That Cool

By now, everyone should have seen Joker , and if you haven’t, you would have heard of it.

It’s a wonderful movie, wonderful acting, and a perfect storyline, but there is something scary that this movie poses on the society.

While this movie perfectly shows what happens when the society abandons, and is downright hateful towards a person, it seems like it enables destructive behavior. I’m not saying that’s what the movie does, or intended to do, but still, remember when 13 Reasons Why came out, there was a girl that killed herself and left 13 tapes or letter just like the movie. 

The joker movie depicts the effect of society cruelty perfectly, but doesn’t help people navigate through it, because, people are always going to be mean, hateful and despicable, and saying people need to be nicer seems kinda naive. People should be nicer,but there will always be an asshole making people feel like being a public menace as a means of retaliation to the society is just naive and stupid because there is no glory in death, no celebration. The world is hard enough on people that are different, it’s worse on those who are menace because nobody cares about your side of the story, the world will come for your head and bury your spirit in the dirt.

People need to work on themselves, there is always someone that loves you — there will always be somebody — and most of the time they’re not the ones we seek affirmation from. So, focus on those people and things you love, block out negativity and negative people. Joker is only cool in the movie, but not in real life.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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