The Communion.

The act of dying for someone that you care about has been romantisized by movies, music and poetry. As a result, we have all enjoyed and admired characters who gave their lives to save a significant other. Although we all understand that this selfish act is an epitome of love, the reality is not everyone will die for the people they love or care about.

As believers, the idolization of the idea of love as the ultimate sacrifice comes from the death of Jesus Christ, who willingly sacrificed his life for the salvation of the world. This act has been immortalized in the celebration of Easter.

Easter, is a period when believers around the world immerse themselves in the sober reflection of God’s great love. A time, when believers break bread and enjoy fellowshiping with other believers. It is also a time, when believers immerse themselves in the communion of the Holy Spirit, partaking of the body of Christ and drinking His blood.

While we won’t advice that you go around dying for the people you love, it’s best to understand the significance of the story. Which is the fact that “love can’t exist without sacrifice”, “Love can’t exist without compromise”. Also, “love can’t exist without forgiveness”.

So in the spirit of Easter, while we feast and carry out several religious activities, we must also partake of the communion, in remembrance of the body and blood of Christ which was broken and shed on the cross. A song titled “The Communion” by ‘Delani embodies the entirety of the Easter message. I’d love to share this song with y’all. Please click the links below.



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