Tales of the girl next door

Since my comrades have started their respective series, it only seems right that I introduce you guys to this journey.

Now to the people that know me personally, this is just fiction and to those that don’t, it might be real.

The world is really experiencing hard and confusing times, with the covid-19 forcing the whole world into a compulsory lockdown and the 5G conspiracy running everybody mad. Boredom is weighing people down and hormones are on the rise, men are hoping this pandemic ends soon, before they start keeping Vaseline as a companion.

A boy somewhere in Nigeria is going through this lockdown in his cramped up apartment, and like how most romantic comedies start off, there is a girl next door, but there is nothing romantic about this.

Both parties have been living side by side for about three months now and the boy who is the protagonist of this fictional/ non- fictional tale just noticed the girl a week prior to the lockdown.

Numbers were exchanged, texts were sent, the girl was finally invited to the guy’s house, they had a nice conversation, they laughed, it was nice but the glitch was, the girl sat on the chair while the guy was on the bed.

Now you might be thinking, what’s wrong with that? Proximity is very important in every relationship, it shows if both parties are comfortable, relaxed and trusting around each other. 

Now no names are going to be mentioned, so as to prevent personalities from being misjudged, like I said this might as well be a fiction. 

The guy saw and read the girl’s body language, although she laughed and smiled, she wasn’t comfortable with what he wanted her for. He just wanted something physical, but she kept talking, getting lost in her stories, avoiding eye contact, feet crossed and her hand on her laps like she was trying to prevent her skirt from opening. 

She left later on, and like the saying goes “nothing good ever comes easy”. He knew she had to be comfortable before anything could happen, but he didn’t want something good, he wanted something bad, and he was too lazy to work for her.

Communication started dying down after the first meeting, slow responses from the guy’s part till the girl sends a message saying “are you home?” Now there is a pandemic in the land, now is not the time for a carnal relationship, especially with someone who you’ve barely known for 14 days. But he is a Nigerian and like ever other Nigerian, he is willing to sacrifice his health for knacks. Everyone is on lockdown, now there is no other place the guy would be apart from home, now man quickly interprets her message as her wanting to hang around and maybe one thing would lead to another, but the young woman came in with  a baby in her hand, man was disappointed, focused on his phone while conversing with the girl, the baby start acting out and now she had to leave to get to the mother, the guy is thinking of deleting her number and the girl is not exactly sure of anything 



Now if you could talk to them, what would you say? 

What do you think is going on in their minds? 

And why does the girl always text? 

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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