Story time! (Dairy of the Dark, Twisted and Unlucky)

Hey guys, I wrote this sometime ago and I decided to share. Hope you enjoy it!


Dear Diary,

My heart began to pound against my chest, it felt like it was breaking out of my ribs. My lungs weren’t helping at all, they struggled for air, they too were trying to escape. The terror of my reality dawned on me as I wished my legs moved faster.

They were catching up to me, God, I was totally fucked!! I was definitely going to die today.
As I made my way down the alley, there was a huge man, but because of the sweat and tears that clouded my eyes, he looked more like a gorilla, all hairy and scary. It was definitely over for me. I turned back to scout for any signs of hope, but there they were, coming for my life.

They grabbed me and threw me into the car trunk, and drove off. I could literally feel my soul dying as I slowly gave up on living. It was roughly 20 minutes into the ride when the rays of the sun attacked my eyes. The gorilla man pulled me out of the trunk and there he was, the man behind all my troubles.
We were on the third mainland bridge; my first question was why the bridge was empty? Where were all the cars? 
Then I saw the bodies, three bodies, I could recognize them and very soon I would be one of them. But then, again, where was the police for Christ’s sake? Now I was definitely sure that God didn’t like me.

“Did you think you could hide from me forever?”, the boss man said walking towards me.

“No sir! I wasn’t trying to hide”, I said, amidst tears.

“Put him on the edge of the bridge”, he commanded.

They grabbed me like a bag of cement and landed me on the railings, I struggled to find my balance.

“Easy now, you don’t want to fall into the water”, he mocked.

“Why don’t you just kill me already!!”, I screamed, to the shock and amazement of everyone.

Wait, what did I just say? Am I going mad? I’ve been running away from death these past few weeks, now I’m demanding for it?

“My pleasure”, he said, and he brought out his gun and fired a shot.


The banging on my room door brought me out of my sleep.

“Folarin, don’t you have classes today?”, the voice at the other side of the door said while continuing banging my door.

I did have classes today but I wasn’t feeling too well, So I really didn’t want to go to school. I had recently gained admission to study Psychology in a renowned university.

” I do, I’m almost prepared to go”, I screamed back at the voice on the other side of the door. I staggered from my bed to the bathroom, splashed water on my face so I would gain full consciousness, went to the table beside my bed, took out my boom box and played Drake’s Trust issues, as I went on to prepare for school.

I got out of my room, about to be on my way to school when I heard my mum blurt “Folarin you are not serious with your studies, your sister left for school about an hour ago, why are you like this?”

“He wants to turn to a DJ, with no future ambition”, my dad chipped in.

My parents have never been happy about my obsession with music, they hated the fact that I walked around with a headphone. My sister is adored by them. She is a stupid brat, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my sister but she just had a way of being what people wanted her to be, showing people what they wanted to see: One minute she is a prayer warrior in church, the next, she is a shisha smoker in the club. Not that I’m saying any of the things she does is bad, but I hated the fact that people looked at her like some innocent being.

As my parents finished nagging, I walked out of the house and on my way to school.
I got to class reluctantly, it’s not that I hate the course I’m studying, but I’m a serious introvert and I hate being around people, especially new people.
The lecturer came talking about all the school of thoughts in psychology, the humanistic, the behaviorist, the psychoanalyst, and all other school of thoughts.

But what caught my attention in the class was Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The way he arranged the needs was just mind blowing. From the physiological needs to safety, to love and belonging, to self-esteem, and finally, self-actualization. How I desperately wanted to attain self-actualization! I was definitely at the bottom of the hierarchy, and that had to change.
The class ended after two hours of watching the old man who called himself our lecturer speak. I was about to leave when this muscular guy with an oval head and a piercing on his ear stopped me.

“Hey I work as a hype man at a club, I don’t know if you know any DJ around who can play, the current DJ got a huge gig and is about to leave”. He stared blankly at the beatsbydre hanging round my neck.

“How much are we talking about”, I said, as I was obviously getting interested.

“40k per month” 


“So?” He looked confused

“I’m a DJ”, I said smiling.

“Are you good?”, he said, with no apologies in his tone.

“Yes, I will send you a mix, just give me your email and I will forward it to you” 

“Alright then” He patted my shoulder and walked away.


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