She’s the KING in a Man’s Game.

Brothers and fellow compadres, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have got a big competition these days. The game of having several side-piece(s) has taken on a new twist and women have proven over time that they, like us, can cheat and have a big circle. Unlike us, they have mastered the art and are flawlessly deceptive at it, making you wonder, “Nah who even start this cheating sef?!”

Privileged by our gender, we embarked on the horse to cheat and acquire numerous lovers with little to no backlash from society. Little did we know that it was the beginning of our own doom. We never got to learn the tricks the hard way and expectedly, we never got to discover the loose ends. We rode on like a stray dog wagging its tail into a Calabar man’s compound. In stark contrast, women never had it easy. They were scorned, abused, and humiliated for engaging in such acts. The same society made a scapegoat of them. Hence, they had to master the art the hard way. And, of course, it is paying its dividends now.

As a man, it is painstaking to accept this ‘shift of power.’ Oblivious of this fact, many of you are in relationships thinking you are the main man but little do you know that you’re worse than a side-piece. You spend most of your days thinking you’re her source of excitement, that you’re the “ish” in her life. Unfortunately, you’re just one of the many other side pieces rendering community service to her royal majesty, which sometimes comes with benefits but man…don’t be deceived!


To further complicate the maze of discovery, women are by nature and nurture blessed with an amazing ability to multi-task, unlike men who make the process a task at a time. You see the way our great grandmothers were able to care for their families; preparing meals, caring for the kids & husband, performing house chores, taking stock of items in the house, etc. And also, seamlessly combine these activities with work (those who accompanied their husbands to the farm or had businesses they ran) and other voluntary leisure activities such as a family reunion, parties, and the likes. This ability overtime has made her evolve to the champ that she is now.

But she posts me as her MCM or MCE?? But she saved my name with a Padlock emoji?? Bring your head closer, you this eediat! Just because she has you as her MCM, does not mean you are the only guy in her life. Just like side chicks, all you are is the poster boy whose image is used to make things look ok, ok?! But again, she still treats me right as ever? Yes, a woman can love 5 men at a time and still treat all 5 with the same love and energy that the relationship started with-churning out optimum performance when called to action. We often get it wrong because we get to believe that a woman is mostly guided by emotions (this is right until she’s had her heartbroken). Women are much better at putting their feelings into compartments, which makes it easy to not make their relationships with you all complicated.


Now, here is the interesting part. How do you realize that she is ‘gaming’ on you? To be honest, Only God is big and capable of perfectly understanding the beings He created. That is to say, as a man you can only pray she gets sloppy, else, you’ll die being deceived and only get to know the truth on reaching heaven (if at all you get to heaven).

In conclusion, this article isn’t generalizing all women to be supreme cheats. It seeks to call the attention of men to the beast we might keep creating if we don’t learn to love and respect our women.


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