Our Lovescapade!!

Love is a universal phenomenon, it is something we all relate to, it is what makes us feel most alive, it is what has broken us down to pieces. So here at Fibbs Kulture, we decided to share our journey with love and the level of intensity it was.

Question: How many people have you told ‘I love you’?

Banji: I think four

Ike: ah!! chill, lemme think first. wait first, banji is it like “love love” or just “love??”

Banji: Guy stfu and answer jhoor!!

Ike: lol, uhm, between 8-10 shaaa. Better still lemme just say 9 (guess that’s the mean!!)

Banji: Guy you’re just a prostitute!!!!

Biola: Damn! Ik just had to do the average, LOL. “I Love You” in the actual sense of I love you, I can say just twice. Yeah.

Question: Were they all legit, or some were just infatuation?

Banji: I think love is different with different people, the kind of love you share with one person is going to be different from the kind of love you share with someone else, that doesn’t mean you didn’t love or care about the person.

Ike: Ogbeni answer the questions jhooor!!

Banji: Guy is it your love?? I sha love them!!! oya you answer!!

Ike: Well, some were legit, others just for the sake of humanity!!! Lol!!

Biola: Well, I only say it when I actually want to get serious with her.

Ike: Me too!!

Biola: Hoekay Brhoe!!!

Question: Describe the love you had for the people you’ve been in love with?

Banji: This first girl is the one I consider the strongest love I have ever felt, she was basically the only person that made me consciously not want to be sad, like I let get these love movie scenes when I am with her. Like, I can’t hear any other thing when we speak, social media is off, full concentration to what ever she is saying and I noticed everything about her. With her I didn’t matter, it was all about her and how to make her smile and I legit get anxiety attacks when I see her with somebody else, and spending any time with her no matter how little, made my day worth it. Basically, I wasn’t in control of my senses when it came to her and I knew it, I legit had to physically run anytime she comes around to save my dignity. I could give my life for her, if we look at how intense I felt about her.

Ike: Uhm wait first, apparently I know the girl in question, she’s got good lips and shii ( predictors of “JOB” success, you feel me??)

Banji: Guy STFU!! I was in love with that girl!!!

Ike: Well I wasn’t, all I could see was the fact that she’s got potentials for playing wind instruments, you know blowing trumpets and stuffs (STUFFS!!) LOL!! sha continue!!!

Banji: Then, there was this girl that is a close second, although she didn’t drive me crazy, I felt safe with her, familiar, no unnecessary heart attacks, with her was just peace and serene, our relationship felt like we were married for over sixty years. She is someone I actually see myself spending my life with. Her taste in music is fire, I fell for her more with every song she sent and she did sent a lot, it was like we knew exactly what to do to make the other person happy, there was never really any stress.

Ike: lol, look at how he’s just saying it casually, all those times when you were traveling all the way to lick plate nko (lol)!! we’ll have test, I’ll call banji that we about to start, next thing i’d hear is “Guy I’m with……………(name: Classified)”!!

Biola: LMAO. Man lived a purposeful life in Uni. “Man shall not live by books and classes alone, but also engage in extracurricular…”

Banji: GUY shut up, I sha Graduated!!

Biola: We thank God for that.

Banji: The third, being with her brought out my wild side, she actually took my virginity, there was so much rush in the relationship that when it crashed, it left damages.

Ike: Uhm, Excuse me please! All those cinema moves nko?? Like you can remember what happened in the movie y’all went to see!!

Banji: Guy why are you just a Bastard?!! LET IT GO!!!

Banji: The last, I can’t really remember how I felt I was in that moment but I know I loved sha


Biola: “NO COMMENT”??!! Spoken like a true ‘Gbo-hoe.’ Describing the love I had for these girls, ermmmm… (trying to think). It was just love love. I honestly liked them above the average.

Ike: Guy why are you tackling me na, it’s not my love story na!!!

Banji Coker

Question: Describe the love you had for the people who you’ve been in love with?

Ike: Okay, so this isn’t in any particular order, but the last person I’d talk about is the strongest of them all.

The first was my first “real” relationship (not long distance).

Banji: You shading me abi?

Ike: Guy don’t interrupt, I’m in my zone. She was fun tbh, fair, pretty, smart, good ass (just saying). She was very religious when we met, then I happened and she lost her home training (lol!!).

Banji: Guy you are just proud.

IKe: lol, I loved her, had intentions of settling down with her, but her friends never liked me, kept trying to sabotage the relationship till she lost her trust in me and the relationship went south. #SadSturv!!

Banji: Basically my nigga was a hoe, and they were just looking out for their home girl.

Biola: Ik, I would have defended you if the allegations were false, just saying. But I gotchu brhoe. Sorry, I mean bro.

Ike: LMAO!!

Ike: Met the second while I was wrapping things up with the first, she was perfect. Apparently she was in a relationship at the time, until I happened, we never dated but were together for a while till I messed up and she moved on. Still feel bad sha.

Banji: But you sha wash plate, that’s all that matters.

Ike: lol, I dunno what you’re talking about, MOVING ON!!!

Ike: Uhm, the third, well it’s more like a long distance shii we’ve only seen like twice. Well, got her number from a friend who I actually wanted to run her parole ( blame the Alpha). We chatted non-stop for days, the vibe was mad, the bond strong af, before I knew It, the ‘I love you” talks were becoming frequent. Well, I had to snap outta it cause a man’s got needs, I wouldn’t cuddle her picture during cold nights na (LOL!!!)

Banji: Watching you go through this period was just embarrassing, you messed up!

Ike: I know my nigga, I know!!!

Ike: The forth, well I love her a whole lot, she was my crush for like 2 years straight. We got really close, then she was liking one guy like that and I was compelled to give her relationship tips (hated those days, lol). Can remember the day I poured out my heart and she said ‘no’ cause she had a boyfriend (first time in my life a girl would turn me down because of man!). Well, fortunately, they broke up, she ran back to daddy (me, of course) and we dated.

Banji: Well……..

Ike: Hmmmmm, Finally, we’re here. Met her around the time when I was tryna fix up my life, was done with the whole hoeing and jumping about thing, and just wanted to settle down with one. Unfortunately, she is religious af. Well, I didn’t mind, was so in love with her that I was willing to become a disciple for Jesus and be frequent in Church ( something my mother couldn’t do). She made money have no meaning as I was willing to spend a lot on restaurant and movie dates, as well as, airtime cause we usually talk for hours (I’m talking thousands). She had so much power over me, I even gave up drinking and felt bad when I do. Like, I was even compelled to tell her when I drink (well, those that know me know how dear Vodka is to me). Writing this post, I just realized that I was madly in love with her, like I didn’t wanna knack or make out or cuddle (as the case always is), I just wanted to be around this person and enjoy this person’s company. Even go to church just to listen to her sing ( trust me, her voice is heavenly). Like, I’d have a bad day, call her, she’d sing and my day is made, I’m smiling ear to ear. Damn! So much pwer!! I felt helpless. The great Alpha with a black stony heart was hopelessly in love, Damn!!

Banji: The wanker dragged me to every church service and even choir rehearsals, it was a tough moment for me, the real test of our friendship, the whole shit was just……..

Biola: And I was proud of my man during those periods (fakes a sob).


Gbogboade Ikechukwu

Question: Describe the love you had for the people who you’ve been in love with?

Biola: My first lover was everything I always wanted in a lady, tall, smart, intelligent, a great cook, open minded, good conversationalist and crowned it all with a ‘full chassis.’

Ike: Wait! which one is “chassis” now. Na Benz???

Banji: Guy stfu!! LOL!

Biola: LOL!! Guys lemme continue!!

Biola: The first dey I saw her ( Ike: Ghen! Ghen!!), I didn’t waste no time, I spoke to her and introduced myself then we got acquainted. Lucky for me we had a mutual friend who was far too kind. Fast forward to three days we were dating .

Banji: Wawu so fast!!

Biola: LOL!! She was pivotal to my reading culture. Anytime I was around her, I always learnt something new and she spurred me to always do more. I’ll excuse the details of how we broke up, but I’d just say, life happens.

Banji & Ike: Awwwwwwwwww!!!

Biola: My second lover unlike the first was not exactly my “spec”. In-fact, I can say we both knew we were so opposite that we talked a lot about our differences. We started out as friends and this lasted about 6 months I guess. We both were always doing everything together, even texting late into the morning (some 3am moves), Omo e bad. I guess we both knew we were an item going to happen anytime. Finally she said yes and I was happy, excited or should I just say excitedly happy. I would honestly say she meant a whole lot to me.

Ike: Well, me I kukuma know who!!Nigga why you gotta be so casual about this like, why!! My nigga was calling her like he was using postpaid!!

Banji: Awwww! love is sweet!!

Biola Oladiji

Question: How did you deal with the strongest of all the love?

Banji: I don’t think I ever really dealt with it, there is always going to be ‘what if?’ I tried to shoot my shot but it was blocked and dealing with a rejection from someone that have that much hold over you is hard, she is not just any random girl ( she is the girl that made every other living thing seem worthless) and I don’t think it is good for one person to have that much power over you. I am thankful she didn’t take advantage of it, which just makes me….

Ike: Uhm, to be honest I’m actually not over her. Like I still see her and shudder ( Hey!! that’s a secret). Like Banji said, it’s really not healthy for one person to have that much power, so I had to reduce the talk time and just observe from a distance. It was difficult but it had to be done. Not saying anything can’t happen in the future sha…..

Banji: Lol bastard, keeping the hope alive.

Biola: I savored and enjoyed every moment of it.

Banji & Ike: ODE!!!

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  1. It’s actually a good read, I know that Biola and Ike are hoes Sha … Banji Is probably the only good child amongst them.

  2. This is actually a very beautiful post but I can’t stop laughing at the same time
    It’s actually beautiful to see Men open up about their love lives or love woes

    P.S:still think the Alpha is such a hoe though

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