On Today’s Episode Of Lagos Traffic PT2

Hey guys, I know this is my first post of the day, Oh shit! it’s 12 already! This post was meant for yesterday. Anyways, I haven’t posted in a while because I have been on the road all day and as always, I have tales.

As many of you know, I don’t have a car, so I’m left with no other choice but to board public transports, and this time my tales come from the stables of the BRTs (not the blue ones with AC and TV, the red ones that are always noisy and nerve wrecking).

I got on the bus and just like always, Lagos people started making noise. A man got into an argument with one of the conductors about the amount he was willing to pay; if you stay in Lagos, the conductor tells you the price of the trip and if you are not comfortable with it, you get the fuck down and move on.

But this man refused to get down and was insitting on paying 20 naira less🙄, the bus driver had to park and they started their words battle. Like every altercation in Lagos, it didn’t escalate to having physical combat, so I didn’t bother paying attention.

After they seemed to have resolved the issue, the conductor continued with the collection of money till he got to this man who claimed to have given him money already😳 The conductor in confusion checked the money on him and snapped at the man saying he didn’t give him anything. The man stood his ground claiming the conductor had been paid.

Now, this was a drama worth watching🤗, I bet the conductor would have killed the man 20 times in his head, but he tried so hard to contain his anger as he continued to demand for his money.

After a while, the man seemed to have had enough and began to shout back at the conductor, claiming someone at the front already. Now, what’s on everyone’s mind is- Why didn’t he lead with that? Old men and childishness 😪.

One will think the madness in this bus would end there, but no, that’s how one man started shouting saying he wants to get down that the heat was too much! But in all fairness to this man, he was willing to pay the bus fare, he just needed to get down. According to him, he just can’t stay in the bus while it’s in traffic in this Lagos heat.

One woman in particular carried this matter on her head, and in her guise to support this man, she started sharing her own story. According to her, she had also been in this man’s position where heat wanted to kill her in a public transport. According to her, she kept yelling “driver stop the bus I want to get down, this heat is too much, if I die in this bus, you are the one that killed me. This isn’t attempted murder!”

And as she continued her banter, I just sat there asking myself, “why so extra?”.

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