On Today’s Episode Of Lagos Traffic PT. 3

Hey guys, Lagos is back at it again. Lagos people never stop acting drama.

I actually have a theory: The people who board the blue BRT buses are a different breed of Nigerians, I mean, no noise, every one sits down and minds their business, there is peace.

But you see those that board the yellow and red buses, they are just mad, especially those who take the red buses.

So recently I was getting home from an event and decided to take the red bus. Everything was going as it should, conductors collected their money, passengers grumbled as always, there was nothing abnormal, until the bus just stopped moving.

I thought the bus had a little issue that just needed to be fixed, but to my amazement, nobody could find the bus driver or his conductors. Apparently, they ran away. Why they did that, I am still trying to figure out.

But according to some people around, they ran away because there was indeed a problem with the bus, but they didn’t want to fix it, neither did they want to refund people’s money.

Eventually, one of the conductors was caught and brought into the bus, but unfortunately for him, he was forced to refund our money.

I don’t really know what was happening because I was seated at the back of the bus. Before I could say ‘jack robinson’ the conductor and a man started throwing punches, I immediately got down because I had a feeling in my gut that someone was definitely going to get stabbed.

The next bus I entered was filled with its own drama. After I had just settled down and barely gotten past the drama in the last bus, a man stood up and started advertising pain killers.

According to him, the drugs he was holding were going to strengthen people’s bones.

The man went as far as hiting his arm rapidly against the iron handle that people who stand hold for support.

After displaying that very disturbing act, the man went on to say he was going to hit his head against the iron. Now this was when other passengers intervened, letting him know they were not ready to see anyone die.

After a lot of coercion, the man decided not to through with it, instead he brought out another drug he claimed could cure all kind of illnesses. He also said something very disturbing. According to him, the drugs can’t be found in any pharmacy, and to my surprise, people were still buying.

Mehn, I’m so done with Lagos and her inhabitants.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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