Nigeria Stinks Of Corruption

Few days ago, it was alleged that the house members were bribed with $1000 loaded card to vote Gbajabmila as the speaker of the House of representative.

Now there are people coming out to make noise about how corrupt our leaders are, but I feel like corruption is part of who we are, we see it in our day-to-day activities and it’s only disgusting when it’s not beneficial to you.

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Few days ago, a friend and I went to LASUTH to get our medical fitness examination done, and based on the fact that we had no idea where exactly the fitness examination will be carried out, we decided to ask around. We got about three different descriptions, and nobody told us exactly where we could do it, because we told them we needed it for NYSC.

According to them, we just needed to tell them our medical history and they will sort out the rest. All because of a quick buck we weren’t allowed to see a medical practitioner and because their offer was easier, we didn’t object enhancing their behavior.

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