My Time At The NYSC Ogun State Orientation Camp

Since 1973, the Nigerian government gathers around Nigerian graduates for 3 weeks in an orientation camp to prepare them for their service year.

This is aimed at drawing the different ethnicities in Nigerians together and bringing about the development of rural areas.

While this is a fantastic idea, it has its issues, from not having water in the hostels, to the lack of electricity to officials misusing their power and disrespecting coppers, apart from that camp was generally fun.

If you remove the fact that we have to wake up, 5 am in the morning, remove the parade activities and take away the boring lectures, the camp will be a gateway to a sweet haven.

Because there is nothing that will bring different youths of different ethnicity under the same roof, the university used to do that but now people prefer to study in environments they are familiar with.

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For example, I learnt there about a kilba a tribe in Adamawa who don’t identify as Hausa and whose origin is from EGYPT, it’s not only the Hausas and fulani that are in the North, there are a lot of tribes with distinct characteristics.

WE came face to face with the diversity of Nigeria and it’s was truly beautiful.

But now that it’s all over I am glad I finally get to eat good food.

Ps. The soldiers a are pretty chilled.

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