My Theory For Why The Sun Is This Hot

If you’re in Nigeria, you already know that it has been uncontrollably hot, and it has been proposed that it is going to get hotter. Now, I don’t really believe in consipiracy theories, with that being said, I’m going to seem like a hypocrite because I am about to come up with one.

Like everyone else, I have been suffering from the rays of the sun, which feels like it’s attacking me, making me dyhdrated which makes me want to take a carbonated drink.

This has been occuring for a while now, which made me think, what if the makers of these carbonated drinks are responsible for the global warming just to boost sales? Hmmm right? It’s like when you are under the sun you can’t help but crave a soda.

Another way to look at this is the fact that the upper class is trying to get rid of the lower class for population control. I mean the world is beginning to get over populated, the upper class in their well air-conditioned houses, cars and offices, and don’t even notice the rays of the sun. It’s the lower class that are outside. They desire to get rid of them while protecting themselves, by getting the lower class dehydrated so they can purchase soda and end up with diabetes and with the poor health care system, they end up dead.

I know y’all are laughing and thinking I am crazy, but do you have any better explanation for this global warming? And don’t say industrialization! Be creative, come up with something different, let’s see if your conspiracy can be better than mine, I’m waiting.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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