Let’s talk Consent…

CONSENT is the permission for something to happen. “Consent” should be an agreement between two parties, with explicit communication and eventual knowledge of the benefits and consequences of any action taken. The difference between “Yes” and “No” shouldn’t be complicated, right?

But what happens when a girl is intoxicated or underage, and still gives the go ahead?

First we have to understand that there are few things that make someone get wasted to the point where they won’t remember anything: it’s either they are running away from something, or they’re trying to get themselves to do things they won’t do under normal circumstances. Whatever the case may be, people in these categories mostly regret what they do the day after. Mind you, substances mess with the mental state of a person, so you shouldn’t take their word for it.

Like I tell people, if she’s wasted, just walk away and leave her to find her way to her father’s house, just to avoid stories that touch. Someone who is drunk can’t be held accountable, because their mental state has been altered. So if anything happens, you can’t blame them, because they were obviously under the influence of the substance they probably used. Technically, they can’t even give consent.

When it comes to people who lie about their age, it’s a bit tricky. If you aren’t convinced about the person’s age, please ask for an ID, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You know what, when you meet someone you’re interested in, ask for an ID.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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