La Bienvenida

Dearly Beloveth,

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to lead your best life, doing things that genuinely make you happy within the limited time span you have here on earth. If a survey is carried out, the result would indicate that more than 85% of humans desire to do so much and make an impact in the world. However, a larger population of humans are unable to lead their best lives. Why isn’t this possible? Is the world set up to be against most and just favor few?? Of course NOT!!!, if we are being completely honest. The world is just a free space with a natural principle guiding it. Yes, I’ll agree that some people are dealt with better hands than others, but this isn’t a limiting factor.
I’ll be supporting most of my claims with scriptural backings. And I do this because I believe the holy books privy to 

The focal point of this therapy space is to address mostly timid and shy individuals. Individuals who have passed on, on the opportunities to do great things or things they really wanted to do. But for worries of what people might think about them or for fear to face the crowd.

Although, one might want to be lenient on them saying, “some people are just shy and can’t face the crowd.” Well, the essence of this space, “Audacity” is to challenge individuals who are in this category to do better. Inspiring them by drawing on actual real-life experiences.

There is a wave within everyone that the world needs to complete her beautiful.


I would share my experiences on how I moved from being unable to approach a girl I liked to be able to approach any lady and talk freely. From being too timid to give presentations in class to speaking in seminars hosting hundreds of people. From being afraid of starting out businesses of my own running three brands in the process. This space isn’t to make you feel good, cos good is what makes you comfortable. And comfortable is what makes you suck!

If you successfully read on to this last chapter, I commend you and say, ‘bienvenido a audacity’ and I hope to see you this time next week as we kick start the spunk juice on DATING.

Bye for now.


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