Karma on Speed Dial: The Series

The Clergy Man’s Son 

Growing up was very eventful….well, you can’t expect any less from an African family living in a communal environment. Born into a family of 7, Ade had had his fair share of sibling rivalry and strange but genuine love from his siblings.  After all, receiving unexpected slaps on the head after barbing “faadon/ skodo”, washing a shii load of plates, or not standing up for yourself when your elders bully you was perceived as a sign of affection or regarded as home training.

Although he was raised in a very comfortable household, Ade had to fight for food with his older siblings…..of course his older siblings enjoyed the lion share (Ah mean, where were the eager feminists to fight for equality when he needed them)? Really I wonder why African parents encourage this crap. Speaking of parents, his father was a Clergyman, he was overly committed to the church and didn’t really pay attention to the emotional needs of his kids (typical African father, I guess). His mother owned a Christian school and was also a fervent Christian. So yeah, Ade had to attend and endure several church services, revivals, deliverance sessions, crusades (damn, those loud speakers)…..How can I forget the many fasting and prayer sessions.

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Regardless of the fact that he had to endure religion, church exposed him to music and he developed a violent passion for the piano, ;perfecting every scale, chord, notes and solos with every church service and rehearsal. Little did he know that his piano prowess would be the gateway to his finding true love….well that’s what he called it.

Asides his love for music, he spent much of his time reading books— Greek mythologies were his favorites. He loved Poseidon like a father, supported the Achaeans (Greeks) against the Trojans, endured and fought off bullies like a true Spartan soldier and called himself Diomedes, as he was a big fan of the Achaean warrior who chased mars ( or Ares, the god of war) back to Olympus with the help of Athena, during the Trojan war (Well, now you know where his pre-university nickname came from). He enjoyed other pagan stories such as the Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology and Roman mythology. Pretty sure his parents thought he was using this time to study the bible, little did they know that the son of their old age was swearing by Odin’s Beard….lol.

In as much as his religious belief was quite unclear to him as he had a whole lot of questions, he was still religiously following the Christian doctrines he was brought up with, and had a lot of home training in him. Moving on, he also played football like the average African kid and represented his school on multiple occasions. His dribbling skills and goal-scoring abilities had the ladies at his feet, as they cheered him on and screamed his name when he puts the ball at the back of the net. Sadly, he was too “righteous” to pay attention to them.  I mean, this guy was intelligent, a good football player, and an instrumentalist. Trust me, these were the panties dropping kits you needed back then. Unlike this present age when money answereth all things.

Well, against his mother’s wishes,all that was about to change……..

To be continued……

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