Karma on Speed Dial: The Series.

Episode 2:  Samson’s Fetish

Pre-University was kinda boring for Ade. Some of his older friends were in school, some relocated, some were gang banging (walking around with shanks and slapping corn), others? Well, he just didn’t fuck with them. He was stuck with his aging parents, listening to their petty arguments. Sadly, he had to endure long talks with his father about politics and religion, pretending to be interested but deep down, he didn’t really give a shii. He also had to endure long religious “boring” sex-education talks with his mother, who was keen about him keeping himself till marriage (well, he didn’t lose his testicles to sharia law…so I guess he kept something). Boredom was all the motivation he needed to pass his entrance exams. Those long nights of reading finally paid off when he was admitted into the infamous University of Lagos, to study Law.

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University life was quite basic. Ade legit lived a triangle lifestyle (School, Home, and Church……Repeat). He was committed to school, going to classes even when he was ill, striving to maintain 100% attendance. Trying to be the son of his father, he was quite choosy with making friends. He sought to keep only Christian friends, oblivious of the fact that where the children of God are gathered, the devil only sends his own. Well, a lesson he was to learn the hard way in days to come. Ade excelled in his first semester, he was one of the few students to hit a 4.0 GPA and got the attention of the class. Some even called him a “Scholar”. Well, since like minds attract, his friendship with Samson was inevitable.

The only son of his mother, Samson was a well brought up kid. He became the man of the house at 13, when his father left his mom to seek greener pastures in the bosom of a white woman. His zeal to cater for his mother and his 3 adopted younger siblings made him develop and master the act of self-discipline. He made principles and followed them to the letter. One of which was to not engage in premarital sex till marriage (Ah mean, this is 2020….who does that!!!). Samson had a couple of relationships, none of which lasted more than 6 months as his so-called girlfriends wanted more than just kisses, hugs, valentine gifts, and long texts. Up until Mid-Semester, he never had any sexual encounter. When he finally did, it ended in premium tears.

So, Samson met faridah on his way to Salado (a restaurant in Unilag). He spotted this peng Hijabi walking alone towards new hall (A place in Unilag), motivated by her jaw-dropping curves (which was quite visible in her Navy blue Abayyah), he approached her, introduced himself and got her talking. They walked towards the sport centre, vibing and all then he offered to buy her food at salado as he was quite famished. They ate, talked for a while, laughed at each other’s jokes and parted ways after exchanging contacts. Excited at how things went with faridah he rushed home and told Ade about his encounter with faridah, sparing no detail. Ade had mixed feelings about what happened. He was happy that Samson had found a girl he was passionate about but unhappy cause she was muslim, largely due to his upbringing. Samson on the other hand was vey ecstatic, he has had few encounters with Hijabis and had developed a fetish for the hijab. Basically, he thought the fact that she was Muslim meant a strictly non-sexual relationship, which he was 100% okay with.

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Unfortunately, his fantasy of a perfect relationship was short-lived as his perception of Muslim women was about to change……..

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