Karma on Speed Dial: The Series

Episode 4: Man-whore 

Motivated by samson’s experience, Ade decided to go all out. He attended a lotta school parties and night clubs, and even visited strip clubs occasionally, with the sole aim of meeting girls. He met a couple of girls, tried to act like a playboy, sadly he wasn’t doing shii right. Apparently, he failed to realize that the act of wooing a woman is an art and not a PowerPoint presentation. He also failed to understand that not every girl out there is really concerned about wits, or being book smart. Well, after many failed attempts, he was gonna give up. Thanks to sly Loki (the god of mischief), he met Femi (popularly known as “Man-whore”).

Like Samson, Femi was raised by his widowed mother and his playboy uncle whom he visited during the holidays. When he was with his mother, he had to be on his best behavior….but when he visits his uncle, he was exposed to women, drugs and meaningless sex. Regardless, Femi was a big fan of “bad-man” cupid. He grew up with moyo, his first girlfriend, and ended up falling in Love with her. He made bare sacrifices for her and would have literally taken a bullet for her. Sadly, he had to strangle cupid, when he found out she was cheating on him with Isaac, his close friend.

Femi was filled with so much hate, and like the Grinch, he shrunk his heart, and went back to living his bi-polar lifestyle and perfected the art of deceiving women like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. He carried out many brutal acts, hurt scores of women all in his quest for vengeance and desire to fill the void. Like Ade and Samson, Femi was also admitted in the University of Lagos. Although he desired to study Civil engineering, he had to settle for Estate management. He settled in easily and soon became the forbidden fruit every Eve wanted to have a taste of. Well, a good thing he had enough apple seeds to go around.

Enough with the bible lessons….Ade and Femi met at a school party at UBA park (a place in Unilag). Ade had been going around trying to talk to any girl he could find. Regardless of whether she’s peng, regular or possesses inner beauty. After many failed attempts, Ade decided to leave. On his way out, he heard an unfamiliar voice….Leaving so soon? Femi said. Curious to find out whom it was, Ade stopped and looked at femi, trying to figure out who he was.

“Forgive my manners, I’m Femi”, The Manwhore said.

“My name is Ade”, Ade replied.

“Well, Femi continued, I noticed you’ve been having issues getting a girl. The last girl you tried to woo is one of my girls”.

“Lol, that church girl that didn’t even allow me land”, Ade replied sadly.

“Well, that’s cause you didn’t play your cards right”. Femi said with a smirk on his face.

He picked up his phone, went to his gallery and showed Ade an explicit picture of the girl.

FUCK!! Ade exclaimed….looking at Femi in Awe. He felt like he was looking at Zeus or some greek god.

“How did you do it?”, Ade asked

“Watch and learn”, the manwhore replied.

Femi approached a random girl, got her attention and got her talking for a while. He then took her to a dark area and made out with her. Ade watched from a distance with his Jaw to the ground. After a while, femi walked up to him and put his finger in Ade’s nose.

“Ewwwwww, what’s that smell”, ade asked disgusted.

“Well, that’s what she smells like……..seems like you have a long way to go, don’t worry, I’ll teach you”, Femi replied.

“Anyways, Femi continued, I’ve gotta go….can’t keep a woman waiting”.

They exchanged contacts and parted ways.

Ade ran home cause it was pretty late. He got home and told Samson, who was still devastated by the heartbreak, about his encounter with Femi. He slept thinking of the conquests and tales of glory that awaits him. Little did he know that he was going to find love in the process….

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