Karma on Speed Dial: The Series.

Episode 3: LUST (The reality beneath the Hijab)

ADE! ADE!! ADE!!!……..Samson yelled.

Ade froze. “Yes, watin happen?”, He replied, panicking.

“omo e don tey wey I follow Faridah word”, Samson said, with a smirk on his face.

“But you spoke with her like 10mins ago”, Ade replied, slapping his palm on his face.

“Guy your lonely ass wouldn’t understand”, Samson mocked, laughing at Ade’s single ass.

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Every day, Ade had to endure Samson and Faridah’s relationship. The constant calls, voice notes, video calls, and Samson’s unusually long hours in the bathroom (prolly jerking off to her pictures). Sometimes she’d come visiting and Ade would have to excuse them (Brocode). Regardless of the fact that the writer’s descripton of their relationship seems carnal, their relationship was strictly non-sexual. All they did was talk, kiss, and hug. At the time, Samson had no idea what colour her areolas were, the size of her nipples, or how moist her inner thighs was. On the other hand, Faridah had every intention of keeping the good girl act, but as we all know, KONJI NA BASTARD.

On this fateful day, Ade had to go home to cater for his ill sister, leaving Samson to have the apartment all to himself. He called his babe at 7pm, explaining the situation and expressing how much he wanted her beside him.

“Samson, you know I can’t come over cause we’d do stuffs that are Haram”, She explained.

“Babe, I know, don’t mind me, I know what I signed up for jare”, He replied, sounding disappointed.

Regardless of the fact that she could hear the disappointment in his voice, she changed the topic, they conversed for a while then she ended the call.

2 hours later, he heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Ade, he opened the door and turned away immediately. She walked in, locked the door and dropped her dress. Samson froze, turned and stood still, stunned at the sight of this flawless peng ting. She walked towards him, pulled him in and kissed him hard. Awoken by the kiss, he ran his fingers from her hair, all the way down, held her hips, then grabbed her ass while he lifted her and slammed her gently on his medium sized bed.  He pulled away for a moment to take off his shirt and tossed it to the side. He giggled when he caught her eyes staring at his ripped torso.

Although she picked out her favorite bra for this occasion, she didn’t wear it for long. He ran his hands from her hip up, kissed her again and fumbled at her bra clasp. He unclipped it, and tossed it aside. He pulled her close again, their bare chests pushing against each other, and kissed her hard. She pushed him away, leaned forward signaling a change in position. She took off his shorts, smiling at the growing bulge. She pushed her Hijab to the side and put her hands on his hips. She gave his underwear a gentle lick, slowly running her tongue up and down, taking in his low breaths. She then put her fingers around his waistband and pulled it down, making his dick pop up.

She grinned and looked up at him as she gave the underside a lick, then slide the tip of her tongue upward along his shaft, before giving the tip a small kiss. She repeats this once more, this time with her eyes closed. She massaged his scrotum with one hand as she kiss all over the length with varying degrees of sloppiness. As she’s giving the tip another kiss, he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer.

As she took more and more of him in, she flicked her tongue back and forth against his Dick. She stopped a couple inches from the base and moan softly. She moved her head back and forth, savoring the taste and covering his dick in warm saliva. She put her hands on the back of his thighs and pulled him closer, taking him farther in her mouth. She resisted the urge to choke as his tip hit the back of her throat.  She pulled away and stroked him with one hand, smiling at him.

With her free hand, she took off her panties and touched herself. Mans was mesmerized as he watched her multitask perfectly well—stroking him and rubbing her clits at the same “goddam” time. She put one finger in and moaned softly while putting his dick in her mouth again, sucking him harder than before….. “Good God”, Samson moaned. She took out his dick and leaned back on the bed, spreading her legs apart.

Giving her the “wa fe ku laleyi” look, he positioned himself in front of her. Guiding his dick forward, she moaned softly as it brushes against her clit. He guided the tip to her vagina, and she held her breath as he pushed himself into her. She let out a long sigh as he filled her up, pushing deep into her.

He pulled out until only the head was inside her then pushed hard again. She moaned his name while his dick filled every desire in her, as the walls of her vagina memorized the feeling of his dick pumping back and forth. He picked up the pace, and her moans increased in pitch and volume.

She let out a gasp as the pleasure inside her starts to build up. His dick worked her like magic as reality faded. Her walls tightened around him. The waves of pleasure started to crash over her as she reached her peak.

He squeezed her thighs and thrust real deep over and over. Her mouth hung open, as she squeezed her breasts, and played with her hard nipples. His dick convulsed inside her, and with one final, deep thrust, the pleasure exploded as they both reached climax, leaving behind a mess of cum.

Okay, so now that we’re done fantasizing about what Samson should have done, here is what really happened……

2 hours later, he heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Ade, he opened the door and turned away immediately. She walked in, locked the door and dropped her dress. Samson froze, turned and stood still, stunned at the sight of this flawless peng ting. She walked towards him, pulled him in and kissed him hard. Awoken by the kiss, he picked up her dress and asked her to put it back on. While she was dressing, he kept whining about his principles, and how he didn’t mean to guilt trip her to come to his place.

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“Samson, if I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t be. Thanks to you, I’m no more in the mood”, she said, and walked out, slamming the door behind her. While waiting for her ride, she texted her ever-ready ex and spent the night with him. The next morning, she chatted Samson up, told him about her escapade with her ex, sent him pictures and a short break-up message that read, “I’m tired of your boring ass. Fuck you and your principles……Stay away from me!!”

Ade returned to meet Samson trying to empty a bottle of Skyy Vodka.

“Samson, what is this madness you’re doing!!!”, he exclaimed, collecting the bottle from him.

“Faridah dumped me for her ex”, Samson replied, showing him the text, and went on to explain all that happened.

At that very moment, Ade vowed to learn the ways of ‘Real men’, ‘Sex gods’ and ‘Alphas’, in fear of ending up like Samson…….

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