Is Music Dangerous?

Music is a power tool; musicians are powerful people. From the onset of time, music has been used as a weapon, it has started revolutions, it has been a source of healing and therapy, it has given hope, it has shaped ideas and changed minds. 

So people are not out of place when they tell music-creatives to be conscious of their gifts and to be intentional with their craft, using it as a tool for the betterment of the society. But the, I’m also a firm believer that creatives should have creative freedom and shouldn’t be told what to do with it.

So, how do we strike a balance? 

We live in a world where a single tweet from someone can change the life of another person forever. We live in times when we have to be considerate about others, bring each other up instead of tearing them down, show love instead of shaming.

When it comes to our women, the society has been very demanding – how they should look, what they should wear, how they should talk, and the proper way for them to behave. While all these are awful, what’s worse is shaming them for something they can’t change – well, not until medicine decided to intervene. Women now get butt injections and all sorts of cosmetic surgeries, unnecessary dangerous surgeries. What’s worse is, some surgeons that carry out these operations are usually unqualified, and sometimes, don’t do it well. We have heard and seen stories of women who lost their lives as a result of this.

So when I saw a tweet from Naira Marley saying “big ass is better than a masters degree”, I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but I felt somehow.

I spoke about this with a friend who said in Nigeria this is true, because, apparently, in our business world, big butt is a criterium for getting into favorable positions and nobody really cares about qualifications. When I countered with the fact that although their body got them there,it doesn’t mean it will keep them there, they still need their brains, but he replied that all they need is to be street-smart and know how to play politics. This was getting interesting, so I moved the conversation to another friend to get another perspective.

According to her, Naira Marley’s music promotes the kind of behavior that puts women who don’t have big butts at a disadvantage.

Know what, I’ll let her discuss it herself.


I know we’ve all seen this tweet by the one and only Monsieur Naira Marley. Now I’ve seen a couple of his tweets from supposedly sensible to this one…outright… *coughs* tomfoolery, I must.

Music is the greatest tool that shapes an entire generation, and it either builds a society or tears it down. Every song we listen to has a particular message that it ‘ preaches’. In the words of CeCe Winnas, gospel is any music, regardless the genre, that sends a message out to its intended audience….well, something along those lines but I know we get the point .

So when my friend decided to share the tweet, I decided to give my two cents about it because I knew he was someone who would understand. Imagine having a big booty, thick body, brains and education, ladies and gentlemen, now those are goals. I told my friend that, and he agreed, but he asked wh he had to add the “than”. 

At this point, I understand Naira Marley has a thing for women with big booties, and has literary body shamed women who are not in the big bootie spectrum. This to say is highly dangerous as we live in a generation where issues like body shaming and rights to feel however we want without society bringing us down, is rampant. 

Back to his tweet – big butts are better than a master’s degree- basically, he is saying getting educated and achieving an academic goal is useless. Like, what’s the point of a master’s degree when you can literally use your body to get whatever you want. Again, this is a very wrong perception that is being propagated in the minds of young people, especially women.

We already live in a society where women have to struggle on a daily about knowing what to wear, what to say, and when to shut up. This has slowly become a trend.

Maybe I’m disgusted because I’m a woman who represents small booty girls achieving their dreams by getting an education and making sure that they bag that Master’s degree. Maybe I want to have a voice for every woman out there. Your body shape is perfect for you, and shouldnt be changed because your favourite celebrity says bigger booties are better. Honestly, I have never seen a more misogynistic tweet. I mean the purpose of “Brown Skin Girl” by Queen Bey and Wizkid and Strip has been defeated – body positivity and being empowered.

That’s why sometimes I can’t listen to guys like Naira Marley or Zlatan etc, ecause they “preach” stuff I cannot agree with, not because I’m not opened-minded, but because it’s decaying the society the more, instead of building it.

I believe music goes beyond the lyrics and the beat, but the after effect it has on intended population. 

Rantings of a Millennial


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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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