I Legit Just Had A Near Death Experience😪

Hey guys, from my last post to this, life has just been crazy. If you have read my last post, you would know that I have been under the weather and I am only just recovering.

So the day after I wrote the last post, I went to a lab to carry out series of tests, trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with me, and from the scare I got from google, I could only expect the worst.

First thing the lab attendant asked me was “when was the last time you had sex?” And I was like Jesus! HIV!!!! Hepatitis B!!!! I was so confused, I started wondering who raped me while I was asleep and if this wasn’t an STD, then it definitely would be liver or kidney failure.

Trying to calm myself down, I decided to do a malaria and typhoid test first. I wasn’t calm, the nurse wasn’t calm. She kept pricking me with the needle and couldn’t get any blood out of me, where the hell did my blood go?!!

She had to go get her superior because she too was confused as to why she couldn’t find my veins and the one she found, she couldn’t get blood out of them.

But as they say, experience is the best. The superior came, told me to breathe and got the blood she needed in one drag.

After waiting a while for the results, I was told I had both malaria and typhoid and was told to come back for the result of my urine culture.

Fast forward, I got home, used the drugs, vomited a couple times, felt extreme weakness and dizziness because I wasn’t eating and my urine color was still not showing any changes.

I was afraid, I definitely was going to die. I stopped chatting like I used to, didn’t pick calls like I did and began to wonder if the people I call my friends really care for me, because not many people we’re checking on me, and in my mind I was legit dying.

I know I was being dramatic, but I legit thought I was staring the grim reaper right in the face.

I later went to get the results and found out I have a small infection, the pharmacist made me feel like I wasted my time getting the test done. But all in all, I am fine now, I know the title is quite exaggerated, but I legit thought I was going to die. Thank you all for your imaginary love and support.

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  1. I am happy you are. I was worried when I saw your mail at the office and you didn’t reply my WhatsApp message

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