Game Of Thrones Review: The Living Might Just Lose This War

If you’ve seen the recent episode of Game Of Thrones, you should know that the hope of defeating the White walkers might not be a reality.

Let me explain, The show is called ‘Game of Thrones’ yeah? And even in the face of total annihilation, the people haven’t stopped playing. And from the look of things, this game might definitely be their end.

First of, the Night king is coming! And I don’t think they understand the gravity, because they all bothered about Jon snow bending the knee to Daenerys, I mean even with her dragons, y’ all might still end up dead! But with her you all have a fighting chance, instead, everyone is worried about who will seat on the chair, that’s if there is a chair at the end.

This has planted a seed for sabotage, the people who refuse to acknowledge Daenerys as their queen will end up creating a plan of their own, which means, everyone will not be fighting with the same motive, and they are up against an army whose only motive is to end you all.

Also, there is Cersei, this name makes me cringe. I mean, she is a powerful, intelligent, and bitter queen seeking revenge at a time like this. How they want to fight together with all this bad blood between them, is something I can’t wait to find out.

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