Game Of Thrones Has Destroyed My Innocence!! Arya Stark had Sex😩

So I just finished watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 8. And as everyone awaits the war that decides the fate of the world, I couldn’t help but watch my heart break as Arya unapologetically showed us that she is now a woman.

Arya is my favorite GOT character, her journey is what I have been following religiously, and I have developed some sort of soft spot for her, because of how she survived those traumatic experiences at that young age.

While I admired her strength, I overlooked the fact that she was growing up and today’s scene was just a shocking awakening.

My little baby, Arya, is telling man to take off his trouser💔, she is not a small girl anymore and it’s shocking that it took sex to make a lot of us realize that, and not her amazing survival skills.

By the way, like I said before, everyone’s obsession with the Iron Throne will make them lose this war.

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