Diary of the Dark, Twisted and Unlucky (chapter 11)


Dear Diary,

The alarm went off immediately drawing me out of my sleep. How I desperately wanted to go back to sleep! But I had to attend class. It was high time I took my education serious, I mean one aspect of my life has to be going well, I can’t lose at all ends. I had an 8 am lecture slated for this morning. I drew all the will power and strength I had in my bones to get out of bed. I looked at the other side of my bed and found Feyi still sound asleep, and memories of our late night make-up flashed through my mind. It felt good to be back on good terms with my sister. I looked at the time on my phone and realized that it was 6:30 and I had just one and half hours to get my ass to school.

I was having biology this morning and I needed to gain something from this class because I had no idea what the course entails. I mean, I did biology in secondary school which was pretty easy for me, but what university biology looked like, I had no idea, which was scary, because I have no intention to fail.

I rushed into the shower and out of it within ten minutes, got my clothes, dressed up, and all this took me like twenty minutes. I took my headphone and a note book, and as I was about to leave my room for school…

“Would you leave without giving your sister a kiss?” Feyi’s voice came, putting my whole body to a stop. What the fuck was going on? What happened to our conversation in the early hours of the day? Her words got me really confused and she noticed my confusion

“Take a chill pill, I was only joking”, she chuckled as she turned her back to me exposing her ass. I had no idea she had only panties on the whole time. So the drama in my life continued, I left for school having no idea what I would face with Nifemi, would I tell her about her cousin or would I play ignorant? I battled with this thought as I made my way to school.

I got to class exactly ten minutes after eight, I found a seat for myself at the back of this class. The class was over populated, and wasn’t well ventilated. My body was just oozing sweat. I sighted Kelvin at the far end of the class and my heart skipped when I saw him. Memories of my disappointment flooded my brain, how was I going to face him? What was I going to say? I really let him down after he rooted for me, but then, he did not like my mix, and still he believed in me and I let him down, I tried my best to avoid him. And now, there was Nifemi at the front of the class, I stared at her for a while and thought about what we could have been, we would have been the perfect couple, we would have created the perfect love story, but here we are barely talking, keeping secrets, becoming strangers, but considering our last conversation, I had a feeling that we could talk today, even though I had no idea how to initiate the conversation.

It was thirty minutes past eight and the lecturer wasn’t in the class, did I just waste my time coming to school? I want to take school serious, no I mean I need to take school serious, I needed to learn something today, just then the lecturer walked into the class, taking to the podium and started speaking. I couldn’t hear a word that came out of his mouth, it was really annoying I mean this man was taking a class of at least three faculties and did not have a public addressed system, the ironyis that this is arguably the best university in this nation and if that’s the case then this country is fucked. This day was totally wasted I mean how the fuck do they expect us to learn when we can’t hear anything the lecturer is saying. I doubt the government has any intention of curing illiteracy because this is really discouraging, I mean I was finally ready to take school serious and then I’m faced with this? This is just pathetic and sad.

One and a half hours went by without me gaining anything from the class, as the class ended I took my book and left, as I was about leaving the premises a familiar voice caught my attention

“Folarin” I turned to see who called and much to my surprise, it was kelvin, and for some strange reason had a smile on his face

“hey, what’s up”

“how have you been, you just disappeared”

“no I wasn’t feeling well”

“is it because of the show? don’t sweat it brother, you just need to practice and before you know it you’d get better… by the way how are you feeling now?”

“I’m fine now, thanks”

“but next time don’t chicken out when people are booing, the crowd will always hate, all the greatest in any field has been booed at one point in their life, so you have to face it and come out of the situation strong”

“okay, I will try best”

“so I got a DJ that is willing to mentor you, I will send his contact to you on whatsapp”

“wow! Thanks” hearing those words from him brought delight to my ears, I mean things were going better than I imagined, today must be a good day, the odds were definitely in my favor, my dreams were now looking achievable. learning from the guy that was going to help me master my craft. The whole situation had me fantasizing about me on a big stage getting the crowd hyped

“so where are you going to?” Kelvin asked 

“I don’t know, probably will be going home” just then Nifemicame up to me

“hey” she said holding my hand

“okay, later man” kelvin said as he left us with a smile on his face

“what’s up?” I said facing Nifemi, why did I say what’s up? I obviously knew what was up

“nothing much”

“okay, how are you doing?” I said trying to keep the conversation going

“the truth is I’m a mess, everything around me is turning upside down, everything is falling apart and there is the part of tomi’s death” she started sobbing

“I’m sorry about your cousin” I felt my stomach sinking as I said those words, I wondered how I could just stand there keeping the truth from her while watching her suffer

“it’s okay, tomi and I weren’t that close it’s just that I’m getting the news at a really bad time” those words eased my conscience a little, tomi’s death wasn’t the actual problem, it just caught her at a wrong time

“Tomi is even lucky, he got an escape from this messed up world, where people just take advantage of you and hurt you without thinking twice” she said struggled to dry the tears that were falling down her eyes

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“what’s wrong?” I asked wondering what was wrong with her

“everyone I love ends up cheating on me”

“what about to your boyfriend?”

“what boyfriend?”

“you were dating a boy na?

“oh that one, he is sleeping with one of my friends”

“hmmm okay” the whole thing was a little strange and for some weird reason I was glad, glad that she broke up with the boyfriend who was the reason she cut me off. I was glad that the guy hurt her, it’s not that I am a bad person or want anything bad to happen to her, it just made me glad that this happened. So now that all this happened, that is when she remembered that I exist.

“I have missed you” those words sent shivers down my spine making my heart skip several beats, why would she say that to me, I was beginning to get used to getting on with my life and leaving everything about her behind, why would she say this to me, doesn’t she have an idea of how I feel about her, she just came to mess up my head again, she misses me?!! What does she plan to gain from this, is she finally admitting that she has feelings for me also or is she just looking for someone to fill the void that her boyfriend just left and I will be some kind of rebound, or she just fills like she can use me anyhow she likes, that anytime she calls I will come running like a puppy? But then again I do miss her, I really do.

“I missed you too” I gave her a sheepish smile

She moved close and gave me a tight hug that lasted for about five minutes, it felt awkward at felt but within seconds I was lost in the moment soaking in the scent of her skin, I came today to face my studies to build my brain not trouble my heart, what the hell I’m I going to do now? Holding her felt so good.

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  1. I simply had to thank you so much all over again. I do not know the things that I would’ve handled without these tactics shared by you regarding that question. This was the fearsome scenario in my view, however , considering the very well-written way you dealt with that took me to weep over happiness. I’m thankful for your guidance as well as wish you are aware of a great job that you’re doing teaching most people through the use of your blog. Most probably you have never encountered all of us.

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