Diary of the dark twisted and unlucky (chapter 8)


Dear Diary,

Few days passed by and I still have nightmares about what happened the other day, I haven’t been out of my room, I haven’t been on social media, I was scared that I would get some disturbing message about what happened, I mean if no one can reach me then the message can’t get to me. But then again it was worrying that I haven’t heard anything especially from Chris, I mean he’s the only one that knows how to reach me, and I haven’t heard anything, not even a call or a message, and this realization got me scared. I mean what if something bad has happened to him, or maybe he has been caught, the police might be coming for me too.

I tried not to think too much about everything, my mind tends to exaggerate situations, maybe he’s trying to keep a low profile like me.
But what about Tomi’s parents I mean won’t they be worried, won’t they try looking for him, there is no way this is not going to blow out of proportion,  they would start looking for him, trace him to the party, trace the party to all of us, then I’ll be totally fucked.

I’ve been in limbo for the past few days, I can’t sleep because of the nightmares, my anxiety level has skyrocketed, everything scares me from the opening of the door to the vibration of my phone, I can’t sleep and I can’t stay awake, I seriously need something to help me deal with this, and now I don’t have anyone to talk to, I can’t even tell anyone. what was supposed to be a night of fun as turned into a total disaster. my life could be ruined because someone couldn’t control the way he put things in his mouth, I hope he rot in hell, foolish bastard, I wished I never went for that stupid party, he knew he didn’t have the strength to be drinking like that and he did it anyways, he deserves to die.

” hey, can I come in?” The familiar voice interrupted my thoughts 
Yemisi came in with a bowl of ice cream in her hand 

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“Ice cream makes everything better” she opened the bowl and gave me a spoonful of ice cream which tasted extremely delicious 

” thank you”

” so how are you holding up?”

” I’m alright”

” okay?”


” well you know if you need someone to talk to, I’m here”

” don’t worry I’m fine” I tried assuring her that everything was fine, the lesser people know about the party, the better for everyone 

” come on, Folarin you haven’t been out of this room for days now”

” how do you know that? Have you been stalking me?” She let out a sheepish smile 

” don’t worry I’ll be fine”

” I’m here if you need anything though”


” at least church will take you out of the house”

” I don’t really attend church”

“What? Come to church with me tomorrow”

” I don’t know”

” what do you mean you don’t know? I mean what would you be doing tomorrow?”

” I would relax”

” you have been home all week”

“Today is Saturday, the day set aside for rest, so no excuse, church tomorrow”

“Okay” I chuckled, I haven’t smiled or had any interesting thing happen to me since the party until now.

“That’s better, I’ll talk to you later I got somewhere to be ” it was nice, her coming by, I needed her to come around she has been the high point of my miserable life, but it was kind of confusing that she goes to church, I mean a few weeks ago she was naked in front of me ready for some threesomes now she’s an evangelist? What happened to the commandments? 

So I decided to put on my phone, it was off, because I was scared of any unpleasant messages, and now that made me wonder how I thought Chris would have reached me. I mean I had cut myself from any form of communication. I put on my phone just to discover that my intuition was right all along, I got messages from different group chats that I was on about how a dead body was found floating in the lagoon, as I saw the message I began to tremble, I mean my life is over, I scrolled through my contacts but saw no messages from Chris, this was terrifying me, I didn’t know what to do, I was scared.

I tried calling Chris but his number wasn’t going through, what the hell was going on? This was crazy, I should relax. if Chris hasn’t called me maybe there is nothing wrong, and how was I sure it’s Tomi’s body? I mean it could be anybody, but it sucks that it’s in the same lagoon though, so I couldn’t count myself lucky. But let’s watch how this goes, I mean just like every tragedy in this country, it makes news for a while and it dies down and it’s forgotten about, I mean look at the chibok girls, after all the protests and noise, they were forgotten about and everyone moved on with their lives, that’s sad though really sad but that’s what I hope with this Tomi’s shit.

we could have done everything differently, we could have taken him to the hospital and say he passed out, I mean they would run some tests on him to see that we actually did nothing wrong, I just think we all panicked and we all were very stupid, he could still be alive the doctors could have done something to save him but then again the hospital system is fucked, the doctors don’t respond to emergencies,  they would say we should present an hospital card before they can attend to him or they could tell us to look for another hospital, what I think is nobody was ready to go through that stress, we were all intoxicated and that costed Tomi his life; we were too lazy to save his life, we weren’t ready to go the extra mile to save him which made us monsters and makes me questionfriendship, they all looked like friends I mean Chris said it’s just close circle, and they just dumped him like that?

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