Diary of the dark twisted and unlucky (chapter 7)


Dear Diary,

My night was horrible, I wished everything that happened was a nightmare. But no, it was real. I saw a message from Kelvin, describing how disappointed he was in me. My life is just a mess, I mean I got my opportunity to finally show people what I got inside and I screwed it up. Maybe I’m just a talentless fool. How will I look kelvin in the face? And for some reason I couldn’t discern, I needed someone to talk to. I scrolled through my contact list and the only people I could talk to don’t want to talk to me.
Feyi has been giving me the silent treatment ever since our ‘thing’, and for some unknown reason, Nifemi just shut me out, and ironically that’s what hurt the most right now. I mean she was the closest person to me, I was beginning to open up to someone. I was falling for her and sadly I was under the illusion that she was falling for me, too. But what could I have done to make her act so cold towards me? I tried messaging her on WhatsApp, only to discover that she had blocked me. This was becoming worrisome. I tried calling her, but her number wasn’t reachable. So I decided to do a little stalking. I went on her Instagram page and saw her latest post—She was in a red swim suit and God, she looked so hot; her eyes, and that her striking smile sent shivers down my spine. My heart started pounding, as I saw her caption to the picture “negative vibes, negative music, useless people move aside…. bye bitch”. Like what the fuck? Did she hear about my flopped show? Was she trying to diss me? So now I’m useless? Alright then, it is my fault, I gave her too much attention. I could feel tears building up, but God forbid I cry over a girl. So I dropped my phone just to get something to eat. As I got to the kitchen, I saw Feyi already helping herself with some cereal, I walked passed her completely ignoring her. I am done giving people my attention.

“Hey!” Feyi called out to me

“Hey” my reply, cold



“So I heard about your show”

“Don’t worry, there will be other chances and you will kill it, it was your first time, so don’t bother yourself too much”

” Okay, thanks” I poured my cereal into my bowl and started eating.

” Alright, good talk” she stood up to walk away.

” You don’t have sense!”

“What?” She chuckled as if what I said was funny.

” I said you don’t have sense”, repeating what I said.

” Why?” She gave me an intimidating stare

” Come on!! Like what the fuck? You snubbed me for like how many weeks!!”

“I’m sorry, but it was for the best, it’s better this way” she smiled and walked away

Why is everyone around me treating me like I’m some kind of trash. Hell, it seems the world doesn’t want me, and in that moment my phone rang.

” Hey Folarin, where the hell have you been?”

“Sorry, please, who is this?”

” it’s Chris”

” What the fuck!! Oh my God!”

” I just got into the country yesterday, I got your number from your sister, she still makes sense”

” You haven’t changed a bit; it would be nice to see you though”

” Yeah that’s why I called, I’m kind of having a get together at my house tonight and wait don’t freak out, it’s going to be 6 people max, I know you don’t like crowd, so what do you say?”

REad: Diary of the dark twisted and unlucky (chapter 6)

” No problem. As long as I get to see you, man”

“Cool then, see you around 9. Bring a bottle”

” I don’t really drink alcohol”

” Well, tonight you will drink. Gotta go, talk to you later”.

Chris has been my friend ever since we were kids, until he went to the UK to stay with his mom. I think that was the point my life started becoming a nightmare, ever since he left I just retreated to my shell. He always had a way of bringing me out of it.

The day went by pretty fast, and by the time it was 9 pm, I was at Chris’s door.

“Hey?” He looked shocked to see me

“What?” Surprised that he was shocked to see me

“You still having the party right?” I wanted to ensure everything was still going as planned.

“Of course, but you are too early. It’s 9 on dot and you are at my doorstep.”

” Was I supposed to be late?”

“It’s either you couldn’t wait to see me, or something is up with you, and you need someone to talk to.”

” What? Nothing is up with me”,I said, trying to laugh off the obvious.

” So what is wrong? Talk to me. Anytime you’re eager to see me or talk to me, it means there is something wrong”

” What do you mean? You’re making me feel like a bad friend”

” Just cut to the chase and tell me what is wrong”

” I played at a show and it was a total disaster”

” Define disaster.”

” A bottle was thrown at me, and I was booed away”

“Well, that’s good?”

” What?”

” See Folarin, you have to know what rock-bottom feels like, to be convinced you want to be at the top”

” So you’re saying this is my rock-bottom?”

” All I’m saying is, failure is the fuel of success, that’s if you want to succeed. You take that negativity, go back out there, and turn it into something great”

” But I don’t know how to go back”​

“Of course you do, you just have to convince yourself that you’re willing to go back”

There came a knock from the door and three guys walked in. One looked like he had a problem with his foot and seemed rather lousy, this second was well-built, while the last was a light skinned.

” Where is Richie?” Chris asked the others

“He’s on his way”, the well-built one said.

“Hope you guys brought booze?” Chris pulled out three bottles of vodka.

“Of course”, said the guy who had issues in one of his legs, while bringing out a bottle of McDowell.

“Oh fuck, Folarin meet Dare, keni and Tomi” he pointed at the one with the leg problem, the built one and the light skinned other respectively

“Hey, what’s up?” We all gave each other weird handshakes; I don’t get the male society. It always weirds me out. Like, why were we even saying hello?? It’s not like I would keep in touch or remember them after today.

Just then the door opened, a tall and averagely built guy walked with a chubby light skinned female. She was all dressed up, with her makeup, which felt awkward to me, because the sun had been down for a long time now, and she was in a very short skirt and a transparent yellow top.

” So, I’ve been cooking and the food will soon be ready. Now that everyone is here, you guys should make yourselves comfortable. after we eat then the party can now start, it’s going to be a long night”

It’s going to be a long night? Like seriously? I was getting uncomfortable, I mean the new faces were creepy, although we were just eight for this party, I still felt choked.

” I have codeine here”, said a guy with a huge grin on his face. He took a sip and passed it around, they all took a sip up until Tomi’s turn where he took a huge gulp and by the time it got to me he had already finished it

” my god, Tomi do you want to kill yourself” Richie laughed (the guy with the chubby girl)

” guy take it easy” the chubby girl looked concerned

” guys food it’s ready” Chris served everyone their food.

It was rice garnished with a lot of fish, it didn’t look appetizing but was super delicious, I wondered what was put into the food.

By the time we finished eating I started feeling a little dizzy, and just as I was about to drift into dreamland, Chris pulled me up

“Nobody is sleeping tonight!!!” He played music, opened the bottles, handed everyone with cups and filling them up with drinks.
As I took a couple of cups I decided to loosen up and go on with the hype.
The chubby girl came into the middle of the guys and started giving us a dancing show, she grinded on everyone in the room, and when it got to my turn she grinded on me so hard it felt like she was going to break it, But I wasn’t bothered because I was in a state of euphoria, suddenly I felt extremely happy,

She left the rest of us and glued herself to Richie, I guess he should be her boyfriend or something might be going on between them, but what I don’t understand is why you would bring your girlfriend to come put on a show for other guys.I tried my best to treat her with respect, because I mean she’s a girl, not a slut, maybe she’s just a little lost, but you know the power of peer pressure, as everyone was smacking and grabbing her ass, they edged me on to do the same and since I was under the influence of alcohol, I gave in. Her ass felt soft and juicy and in that moment I envied their lives, we were treating her like she was just a toy and she was enjoying it.

Alcohol was still passing around, I was beginning to loose full control of my feet, on the other hand Tomi was drinking like he was trying to find something at the bottom of the bottle.

As I got in the middle of everyone to showcase my dancing steps I fell to the ground and it felt like my falling created a ripple effect, Because as my body hit the ground, so did the rest. laughter echoed throughout the room, we were all wasted but this felt nice, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Late in the second hour of the new day, the power went out, and the whole Place went dark, now we were all in a one room apartment, so the whole placed felt clustered.

All a sudden a hand pulled me out of the room and now I was out in the cold, then I heard the room door close 

” what the fuck?!” I was scared 

“Let’s give them some privacy, shit is about to go down” Kenisaid trying to calm me down 

” are they going to fuck?” Dare was excited about what was about to happen 

” Richie my man” Chris had a huge smile on his face, 

For a moment everything was quite, Richie made sure the door was locked and the widows close so as to prevent us from seeing what was going on, I guess it was to make the girl feel comfortable, but he forget about the hole through the particular widow in front of me as the others were struggling looking for all avenue to see what was going on inside, I had a clear view, the girl was lying face down, Chris was on top of her thrusting himself up and down, what I saw was just hilarious, the first time I was watching real life porn and the only thing I could do was just laugh.

” my god they are fucking” I exclaimed as Chris rushed towards me to see what I was viewing, the others rushed too, this all made us laugh and at that moment a flood of the food Tomi ate rushed out of his mouth, and as if Tomi’s vomiting inspired Chris, he too started vomiting.

” ahhh! Look at this boys! You guys just messed up the whole place” Keni took the bottle out of Tomi’s hand.

Chris just sat down on the ground trying to get himself back into consciousness, but Tomi was having a hard time keeping his balance and has he was about to fall, we all rushed to hold him up to his feet.

He was rushed into the room interrupting the sex which was going inside. Tomi was placed on the bed, I fell to the ground as I slowly drifted to sleep and all I could hear were mumbles about if Tomi was going to be okay 

” wake up! Wake up!” Water flooded my face 

” what the fuck!” everything was confusing, I saw fright on all their faces, I looked around and saw Tomi still lying down, he must have really knocked himself out, cos he looked lifeless.

” he’s not breathing” Chris was sounding scared 

” I can’t go to jail” Dare looked terrified 

“Nobody is going to jail” Richie tried calming everyone down 

” don’t worry I’m going to take care of it” Keni sounded rather calm

” and how are you going to do that?” The girl asked 

“I would throw the body inside the lagoon” Keni took a sip from the bottle in his hand 

” does it mean that Tomi is dead?” Dare was already soakingin his own tears 

” put yourself together” Keni commanded 

” why don’t we call someone, or let the police know?” I said cos the whole plan was really scary 

” what country do you think you are? Do you even know the police emergency number? and do you think we won’t be implicated with murder, police that has no chill, there is weed inside the food we just ate, we have alcohol, the police would charge us with murder without even thinking twice, if there was an ambulance system, that’s a different case but this is not nollywood, this is serious, but nobody is saying shit cos I’mnot ready to go to jail” what Keni said making perfect sense and it got all scary because I was beginning to agree with him.so now I just saw a dead body which I might have had a hand in killing. Because what if he’s not dead and he’s thrown into the lagoon and it’s the water that finally kills him? but I was too scared to talk because it seemed like they already had their minds made up.

So for sure after today things are never going to remain the same for me, I’m no longer an innocent soul, I’m part of a plan to dispose a person into the lagoon. 

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