Diary of the Dark, Twisted and Unlucky (Chapter 6)


Dear Diary,

A week has gone by since the overnight experience with Nifemi, and we haven’t talked, chatted or communicated in any form. At first it felt like she was avoiding me for some reason best known to her. I tried calling, her phone was switched off. I sent text messages, she didn’t reply. When I confronted her about it, she said she was busy, her network was bad and that she was out of airtime. Everything felt really off. I didn’t understand why she was avoiding me. I tried thinking back to the last time we communicated, wondering what I did wrong, I couldn’t come up with anything. The last time we saw, we were on good terms, holding hands and laughing. If an observer had seen us he, would have thought we were in love. Maybe that’s the problem, the fact that we were getting too close, maybe she was starting to feel uncomfortable, or maybe she was actually in love with me and felt guilty. The thought of her being in love with me did make me smile, I was beginning to fall for her, but the fact that she had a boyfriend was a buzz kill and I wasn’t ready to fight with anyone over a girl.

I was in my room preparing the mix I was going to play at Kelvin’s guy’s party. I was really nervous about the party, this was going to be my first gig, as a DJ. This could either make or break my career. The idea of playing for an audience was both scary and exciting, but first, I had to get my mix ready.

Still lost in the mix I was making, the door of my room opened, it was the same girl that got naked with my sister in front of me

“Heyy you”

“What are you doing” she came close, so close she was breathing down my neck, I could feel her breast caressing my head 

” I’m just working on a mix”, I replied, refusing to looking at her.

” So you’re a DJ”

“That’s cool”

“Wait, do you even know my name?”. She pushed my head and gave me a judging smile

“No”, I smiled, now feeling embarrassed.

“Can you imagine”, still giving me her judging smile.

“I’m sorry”

“I’ll make it up to you”. Then it hit me, what the fuck was I saying, telling her I’ll make it up to her?? What the hell did I know she was going to ask for??. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have sex with her considering the tension between my sister and I. I didn’t want to make matters worse.

“Are you sure?” She gave me a devilish grin 

” Please don’t make me regret this” I was already regretting my choice of words

“Okay, lemme listen to your mix”

“What?” I was confused 

” I said I want to listen to what you’re working on”

” Is that all?” 

“Yea, you look like one of those people who don’t like people to be around when you’re doing your stuff”

This girl just surprised the hell out of me, I started to feel guilty about my negative perception of her. Like they say, never judge a book by its cover.

I played my mix for her, and paid close attention to her facial expressions, I was shocked to see that she was really engrossed, she just didn’t look like someone who was enjoying the music, she looked more like she was analyzing it, like she was some kind of critic.

“So what do you think of it?”, I asked with anticipation. She’s the first person that would ever give me any form of criticism, from the look on her face, she looked like she understood the craft.

” You have Soul, it’s really good, but you have to consider the kind of crowd you’ll be playing for. Is it a crowd full of drunk people, or a crowd of music lovers?”

” I have no idea”. attached h was a valid question which I had no answer to. I was beginning to enjoy her company, to see her in a new light and in the glimpse of the moment, I could see a future with her.

“When are you playing, or you’re just making the mix?”

” I’m playing tonight, at Limelight hotel”

“What time?”

” At 10″

“Alright, I’ll be there”

” Wait you still haven’t told me your name” She smiled when she heard me

” My name is Yemisi”

” Thatat reminds me, how are you guys doing now that your parents aren’t around?”
She gave me an evil grin, and I quickly understood what she meant, unfortunately for me, my sister hadn’t spoken to me for weeks.

Well, I have a party to prepare for, I picked up my gadgets, my laptop,and also the deck.

I got to the party early, set up my equipment, started playing a mild song with 90bpm, to get people in the mood to dance. I was a little nervous, but I was doing good. I increased the tempo to a 100bpm, I tried looking for Kelvin or his guy in the crowd, but I couldn’t find them. I was a little worried about the fact I couldn’t see them, with the slightly intoxicated crowd it would have been comforting to see a familiar face. As I was searching through the crowd, there was Yemisi bumping her head to the beat, we smiled at each other. For a minute, I was lost in our weird connection till I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Guy play something from olamide” At first I was scared, because I wasn’t an olamide fan and I didn’t have a lot of his songs. Another problem was— I was on a 100bpm and the olamide song I had was a 150bpm.
But the guy was staring at me to make sure I played the song. After playing bit into the song, I felt another on my shoulder.

“Bro, play something from Wizkid”, and I was like come on! Won’t these people let me play my mix? As usual, I put the song which was 90bpm, and just distorted the whole mix. At this time, the crowd erupted in displeasure. Lost in this chaos, a plastic bottle hit me jolting me back into consciousness,

“What kind of DJ is this!!!”

“Get out of there!!!!”

” You know nothing, go back and learn!!!!”

They all screamed at me, this was becoming my worst nightmare, before tears were about rush through my eyes, a voice came from the back

” Hey bro, just chill, let me take it from here”

I took my laptop and my equipment and left as quick as possible, while the crowd booed me.

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“Hey, don’t let them get to you” Yemisi tried to put her hands around me, but I dodged her advances, I didn’t want to look weak in front of her.

” No problem, I’ll be fine. I’m sorry, I need to get some fresh air”

I got home picked up my phone and dialed Nifemi’s number 

“Hello?” the voice from the other end sounded sleepy.

” Hey, how are you doing?” I tried to keep it civil.

” I’m fine” she sounded uninterested 

” I need you, I need someone to talk to” My voice began to break.

” Hey, just leave me alone please. I have a boyfriend!!!” She hung up immediately.
I did not understand what just happened, why was she acting like this?? Today was not just my fucking day.

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