Diary Of the Dark, Twisted and Unlucky (chapter 5)


Dear Diary,

The next few days were confusing, not only did Feyi act like what we shared never happened, she acted like I didn’t exist. She who always pestered me and I complained, after what happened it just changed. She went cold on me. I tried ignoring her, but it started becoming alarming, I did things that would naturally annoy her, but she never replied.

One particular moment I took her phone and started reading all her messages out loud, she just glanced at me for a brief moment and walked away. All these was driving me nuts, so I decided to let her have her space. I thought we were about to have something special, maybe I was wrong, or maybe she realized how crazy this was and wants to put a stop to it. Well, that’s fine. I never wanted us to be involved anyways.

While things at home became weird and crazy, things at school were going great, Nifemi and I had become very close. 
But the problem with Nifemi was her boyfriend who I’ve never really met. She never talks about him, which was a sign of hope for me.
We had become reading partners, which to me, meant a step to becoming something more than friends.

“Hey, let’s meet up today, we should read overnight” 

I was anxious to hear the reply on the other end of the phone, I really wanted to spend some time with her, being with her takes my mind off home.

“I don’t think I would be able to come; I’m supposed to spend night at Tobi’s”

“Sorry, who is Tobi?”

” Very funny Folarin, Tobi is my boyfriend na “

” Okay ooo enjoy, Me too will find love “

“Folarin you are very funny I swear”

Well, I guess I have to face home today. Nothing seemed interesting. The fact that I wouldn’t be able to see her weighed me down. I made my way home, resided to my bed, and drifted to sleep.

My phone ring brought me out of sleep. I checked to see who was calling, and to my surprise, it was Nifemi. I was a bit confused, why would Nifemi be calling me?

” Hello what’s up”

“Did I wake you? I’m sorry but I’m on my way to school”

” No, I’m on my way to school, too”

I was surprised by the amount of energy that filled me. I started to notice the feelings I was developing for Nifemi.

I got to school as fast as I could, and when I got there, the street lights were reflecting Nifemi’s beauty. The smile on her face just put the whole world on pause, and all I could think about was how lucky her boyfriend was to have her.

” What are you staring at, silly? ”

” Nothing….”

” What’s that on your finger?”, I said, staring at the ring on her finger

” Tobi gave it to me”


It wasn’t the most comforting of discoveries to know she was wearing the ring her boyfriend gave her to spend time with me.

” I wore it on my way to Tobi’s house, but I changed my mind”

” So why did you change your mind?” A grin flashed on my face.

“Are we not here to read?”

” I don’t want to fail”

I noticed her blushing. Wow, could she be falling for me? I mean, she left her boyfriend to come spend the whole night with me.

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” Well, if that’s your story “

“What?!” She choked on her own laughter

“Yes, if that’s your story”

“You are not serious”

She punched me, sending electric shocks throughout my body.

” So lemme get this straight, you left your boyfriend to spend time with me?”

“Folarin, keep whining yourself, I’m here to read”

“If that’s your story”. I was enjoying where this was going.

“Whatever, ode”. She began to blush seriously.

We got to the overnight library, and after contemplating where to sit, I got a glance of her cleavage and I just went into a trance, my brain stopped working. I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t concerned about everything around me, she had filled my mind.

“Hey ode!! Won’t you sit?”

Those words brought me back to reality.

” Were you checking me out?” she grinned at me, as shame filled my body

” Well, you look beautiful today”


” So it’s only today I look pretty abi?” 

” You know what I mean”. I really couldn’t stop smiling

While I was composing myself, our eyes met, this weird feeling overcame me. I took my eyes away feeling uncomfortable, I don’t know why I felt this way, I couldn’t wrap my head around why I couldn’t raise my head to look at her. Eerything about this night immediately became uncomfortable.

” So do you like my ring?”, she said, to lighten the mood

Why was she asking me this question? Why did she need to know what I thought? Maybe she was attempting to break the awkward situation between us.

“It’s alright” I decided to play along

“Just alright??!” She flashed her beautiful smile at me again. God, why was she doing this to me. I mean, doesn’t she know how beautiful she is? It was cruel teasing and flashing the thing I desperately want, but I couldn’t have, because it belongs to another

” Wait, why do you wear the ring only when you go to see him? It seems you don’t like it?”

” Well, it’s like a sign that he owns me”

” I just wear it to make him happy”

” And if I wear something that shows that a guy owns me, amazing guys like you won’t want to talk with me”

” Really?” Everything she said did not make any sense to me, 

” Yea, you kind of amazing”

“Just amazing?” I said loving where this was going.

“And you are cute”

” Nifemi, are you flirting with me?” I was really enjoying this

” Stop deceiving yourself”

” Oh my god, you really are flirting with me”

“Shut up”

The night drifted fast, but I couldn’t stop wondering what this night was about. But what I understood from this night was that she and her boyfriend were definitely having problems and somehow, she might be into me….

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