Diary of the Dark, Twisted and Unlucky (chapter 4)


Dear Diary,

My heart started beating heavily. I began sweating profusely (I sweat whenever I’m nervous). I was stuck in this confusing dilemma, and my little man wasn’t helping at all. Truth be told, a little part of me wanted to carry on with it. I mean, I couldn’t even get a girl to look at me twice, but here I was, having two naked girls waiting for me on my bed. I mean this is the dream,but the only problem here is that one of them is my sister.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at us??” Feyi started walking towards me.

“Maybe he wants us to help him out”, said the other girl whose name I don’t know, while following Feyi’s footsteps.

As their hands made contact with my skin, suddenly, shivers ran down my spine.

As if the heavens were aware of my dilemma, and they felt merciful enough to send help— the sound of the horns of my parent’s car came blaring from outside.

“That’s mommy and daddy” and I ran outside to open the gate for them.

I felt my heart skip several beats, I thought I was about to have an heart attack. The anxiety of all that had transpired was just too much to bear.

“Are you okay?” My mom looked worried 

” I’m fine, it’s just that I forgot a project that I was working on in school, and I have to rush to get it before it disappears”. I dashed out of the house, feeling relieved that I managed to escape the situation. But the thing is, how will I live in this house with my sister bent on banging me? I need to get out of the house and I need to do it fast before I do something I would regret, because I don’t think I’m any good at resisting sex, and that is something I’ve wanted to have for a while, and with the incident that just happened, I realized that my body is way stronger than my mind.
The whole situation reminded me of the Freudian theories I was taught in school, where we talked about the sexual tension between family members and the only thing stopping people from acting on it was the moral values of the society.
I see weird stories in the news about fathers sleeping with daughters, brothers sleeping with sisters , but I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that it could happen to me, that I would actually be living one of those weird disgusting stories.
But to be honest, I wasn’t disgusted by the sight of my sister’s body, c’mon, she is a freaking goddess, her boobs were well shaped and sculpted, she is amazingly beautiful…

Instead of going to school, I just decided to take a stroll, and then it hit me I didn’t have friends, I had nowhere to go, I was just walking aimlessly.

I took out my phone and dialed in kelvin’s number.

“Hey, what you doing tonight, I’m not doing anything” I really wanted to do something new, maybe dangerous, after what happened

“Same same, I will be at the club, meet me around 9pm” 

“Can I come and meet you now? I don’t have anything I’m doing and it’s 7, it will soon be 9” I was terrified of going back home 

“Alright, I will send my address to you now” 

So I headed to kelvin’s house, this was all exciting, sad and terrifying.

It was exciting because this would be my first time in a club , this was sad because this was exciting and my heart was racing, I was going to a club, I was about to have the most exciting experience of my life, this made me realize how pathetic my life was.

It was terrifying because I had never done anything like this before and I had no idea what to expect.

I got to the address which kelvin sent to me and knocked on the door. As the door began to open, this pungent smell hit my nostrils hard, giving me a slight headache and I began to feel a little dizzy.

“Heyo, you made it” Kelvin said, with a paper lighted in his mouth which I figured was weed.

He had two other people with him, they were all seriously smoking and drinking. The remorse started to set in, what the fuck have I gotten myself into? My imagination was getting the better part of me.

“Do you want to take a smoke?”, Kelvin offered, while choking on his own words

“Thank you, but I don’t smoke” I was beginning to feel uncomfortable 

” Oh okay, but you should have a drink, get yourself hyped for the club”

Kelvin passed a cup to me, As I looked into the cup the pungent smell slid into my nostrils again, giving me a strong headache

I took a sip and immediately felt light headed, I couldn’t will myself to take another sip, I looked at the cup and saw I still had a cup full of torture. What felt like an escape from my problems began to feel like a punishment?

” What’s up with your face” Kelvin and his friends mocked me

“I don’t drink” I felt ashamed of myself 

” But I think we should be on our way, it’s almost 8:30″ I started to wish this day will just end

“Alright, I hope everyone is hyped” Kelvin began to get ready.

I did not understand what he was talking about, it was like they were from another planet, speaking another language, I was lost among them. I would have preferred laying on my bed than a night out with these guys… but then again the night was still young, there was still hope for something legendary to happen

We got to the club and the excitement started setting in, I was in a club, it was just like in the movies everyone was loose, the girls were hot, they all dressed to kill, my eyes almost popped out looking at them, I started feeling the nausea I felt back at kelvin’s apartment, there was smoke everywhere, almost everyone there was smoking weed and there were drinks too. That’s when it hit me, everyone here is running away from something, they’re all trying to fill a void, to fill the emptiness they feel inside. This wasn’t looking like fun to me anymore, I felt totally disappointed.

I looked at a couple who were seriously grinding each other, the girl placed her ass on his wood and worked it as if she was determined to break it. At that moment, I seriously wished I was that guy. The girl noticed my stare and flashed me a grin, I was immediately shadowed with embarrassment.

I turned away in shame just to face another couple who seemed to be trying to have sex with their clothes on, why couldn’t they just stay home and have sex comfortably? 

” This is the guy I was telling you about” Kelvin tapped my shoulder, showing me to a guy who look like the only one who wasn’t high at the club.

” He is a crazy DJ”
“He is very good”

” Alright, I have a party next week, how would you like to play?” The guy gave me his card.

” He would love to”, Kelvin said, and dragged the guy and left.

How could Kelvin do this? I thought he did not like the mix I made him, this was all becoming confusing.

I withdrew to a corner writing in this book and waited till 5:00am, so I could go home. This has just been a wasted night, the club wasn’t made for me.

I got home tired and then it hit me I didn’t let my parents know I would be out all night, my heart started racing, I couldn’t sleep, I became restless …. I was totally dead 

Then suddenly, heard a knock at the door, my heart immediately skipped a beat, even before I could reply to the knock, the door was open.

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“Where have you been?”
” Don’t you know I’ve been worried sick?”
” You couldn’t even call!!” Feyi was terrified

“I’m sorry, where is mommy and daddy?” That was my concern, I really wanted to know my fate, whether I was going to die today or have more time to spend on earth.

” You’re lucky, they went to Abuja” there was that grin on Feyi’sface again

” Oh, thank God”, I sighed in relief.

I laid on my bed, and just before I could close my eyes and drift into sleep, Feyi pounced on me like a predictor attacks its prey. She locked her lips with mine, like she was trying to suck out my soul. The kiss was so passionate I could barely breathe. She traced her hand from my chest to my little man who by this time was very excited.

She freed my little man who was trapped in my jeans, and started caressing it. She broke the kiss, and before I could say anything, she took my little man into her mouth and started working it in a rhythmic motion, occasionally working it with her hand sending feelings of ecstasy down my spine. Before I knew what was happening, I exploded in her mouth.

She ran straight to the bathroom to clean herself. I could not just believe what just happened. My sister just blew me, and fuck hell, I loved it .
She came out of the bathroom and walked straight out of the room without saying a word, leaving me as confused as ever.

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