Diary of the dark twisted and unlucky (chapter 12)


Dear Diary,

I got home still as confused as ever, I wondered if there would ever come a time where I would be sure about anything concerning my life. I entered my room and got the biggest shock of my life, my parents were in my room giving Feyi the biggest scolding of her life, I just stood there wondering what could be the course of all this scolding, Feyi just stood there petrified, she was way underdressed, in her underwear holding my boxers, then something caught my eyes that made heart skip, her crouch was wet, what the hell was going on here? What the hell was she doing? I mean what did my parents catch her doing? I did not even have the slightest idea that my parents would be around to day

“and you welcome sir” my dad said sarcastically said as he stared down my crouch

“what has been going on with you and your sister” my mom gave me the look of rage 

I gave Feyi a stare of fear, trying to figure out what they were really talking about, trying to be sure they didn’t mean what was on my mind, I didn’t want to say something which I wasn’t meant to say but Feyi did not even look my way making my stomach sink, she just had a face down in shame

“will you answer boy!!!” my dad shot at me

“nothing sir” I shifted back with fear

“what do you mean boy! Do you think we are fools?” my mom walked towards me like she was about to kill me

“we had the neighbors watch you guys while we were gone”

What did I just hear, so there were people watching us, at that moment my sweat pores began to ooze out sweat, I mean who exactly was watching? How much did they see? And exactly what did they tell my parents? These thoughts raced through my mind, I have never seen my parents this angry at both of us, we both were totally fucked, I had no idea how I wasgoing to survive this, I mean their precious daughter was under the heat so there was no way in hell I was going to survive this.

“we know everything you guys have been doing so don’t you dare lie to us” my dad backed up his wife

“hey you cover yourself!” my mom shot at Feyi, as she quickly took a towel and wrapped it round her body

But why was our parents disturbing us with questions if they already knew the answers they were asking for, or maybe it was just a suspicion and there wasn’t any concrete evidence to support their hunch

“both of you hand over your ATM cards” my dad demanded

I brought out my card from my wallet and handed it over, Feyiwent to my drawer to bring out her own, what the fuck was Feyi’s card doing in my drawer?

“so you live here now?” my mom gave Feyi a look of disgust

“no ma” Feyi replied

“now tell me how did you guys go about your spending?”

“what do you use all that money for?!!” my mother chipped in

“we used it to eat” Feyi nervously said

“what?! You used 70k to eat?! What the hell are you guys eating?!”

What exactly did we do with 70k, I mean I don’t think I spent that much, I don’t think I even spent at all, my sister was the one in control of the money, because she was the one around when my parents left and they consider her the most mature among the both of us but if they were angry about the spending why were they scolding me? I had no hand in wasting 70k, but come to think of it what exactly did Feyi do with 70 thousand because my parents left the house stalked with food, so it was not like we had to stalk the house with food. The reason my parents were furious about the money considering the fact that 70 thousand is a huge amount of money, it because the money was withdrawn from an accountwhich our parents had set aside for us to go to in case of emergencies, and also kept filling it with money to secure our future if ever we needed more to start something productive in the future

“that’s not the only offence”

“no no no”

“you guys have started keeping late nights”

“Folarin where have you being going to?!”


“answer me boy!!!” my dad yelled at me, his voice almost taking me off my feet

“err…. Sometimes I go to my friend’s house…”

“which friend is that? Oh you have joined gang, it’s okay, you’ve not even finished a semester and now you’re in a cult!!” my mom screamed at me

Wait! Why do old people think like this? I mean why would her mind go there, I’m in a cult? Do I look like someone who can be in a cult? I’m not even an aggressive person. But the problem was which friend would I mention now? It not like my parents know any of my friends, it’s not like I even have any, that is what they should be worried about the most, I mean their son doesn’t have any friend, that should be really worrying, I should be treated with love and compassion, like the do to kids like me in the movies, why can’t my parents be like the loving parents Hollywood portrays, instead all they do is scold, and expect the worst from me.

“Tomi” those words came out of my mouth sending me into a total confusion, why did I say that name? what the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I the only one he is tormenting? I actually did not do anything to him, I did not even know him.

“who is Tomi?” my mom asked inquisitively

Now the panic sets in, I was literally dripping, the sweat came out of my pores like I was been heated in an oven, my heart began to pound heavily, what the hell was I going to say. I decided to rack my brain, in the space of mille seconds, it’s a wonder what can go on within you in a small period of time, in that moment I was so in touch with my physiology, I could feel every strand of my hair, the goosebumps on my skin and how the sweat dripped down my skin.

“he is my reading partner, we read together from time to time, I went with him before, when you guy were around”

“why are we just hearing about him now?!” my dad said not buying it

“the first time I texted you, mom? that I was going to stay in school, you guys know I don’t like going out, I never go out except it’s really important”

“so why didn’t you text us the subsequent times?” my dad wasn’t giving me a break

“I really didn’t consider it because you guys weren’t around, but the time I wasn’t home, I was in school reading, they have been killing us with tests” I was really impressed with my brain, the way the word were just coming out of my mouth, convincing my parents, and they were actually believing me, I never knew I was this smart, I know I am smart but I never knew I was lying smart

“so you weren’t smart enough to know that you were supposed to give us a call?” my dad said as if he knew I was praising myself, I let out a little smile because I knew they believed me.

The doorbell rang giving us a heavenly break from the terror which our parents were showering upon us. Apparently my parents were expecting a guest, which warranted them to leave us for the moment, Feyi left my room without even saying a word. I stood there wondering about everything, I thought everything about my life was about to be alright, that everything was beginning to fall into place, Kelvin was considering working with me, Nifemi and I were back together, now this, I hope my parents don’t figure out about the sexual tension going on between Feyi and I. But technically we haven’t really done anything wrong, we obviously didn’t have sex, I know we were about to, but we didn’t. And I haven’t had sex with anyone in the house, is not like anyone could see us through the windows, there weren’tany sexual noise, except if Feyi had sex with someone in the house while I was away, apart from sex I can’t put my hands around what else we did wrong.

About an hour or two went by when we heard our parents call, apparently the guests were already on their way to wherever they came from

“hey son” my dad called out to me and for some weird reason he was calm, and his voice was warm, I noticed my mom and Feyi wasn’t in the same room with us

“your mother is having a conversation with your sister”

“okay sir”

“so son, you know you’re now becoming a man, I know your hormones are running all over the place, but you have to know the difference between wrong and right, what you should do and what you should not, who to be with and who you shouldn’t, by the way you shouldn’t be with anyone now, you just entered school, you should be focusing on your education, girls are just distractions, you understand me?”

“yes sir”

Wait a minute, does my dad knows about Feyi and I? I mean what does he mean by the difference between right and wrong, who to be with and who not to be with? did Feyi say anything to them? And if they know about us that means everything in the house is going to be weird. but really there isn’t anything going on between us, why do I have to constantly remind myself that there is nothing.

“you can only have time for girls when your education is stable, like during your year 3 when you already have a good standing CGPA”

So what his is trying to say that I can’t have a girlfriend until I’m in year 3, that’s just hypocritical, I mean my dad was getting action since he was in secondary school, told us the tales of his glory days with the ladies, but now he’s telling me to wait till I’m in year 3?!!

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“that’s all for now, remember don’t do anything that will tarnish the name of the family” my dad said as he walked out of the room.

Maybe my parents knows about the sexual tension between Feyi and I, maybe they didn’t catch us doing anything, we didn’t actually do anything, but maybe they noticed the flirting going on, but why the hell did they wait till they got back before they said anything? why didn’t they say anything before? Or maybe someone saw something and told them, but who might that someone be? Who is secretly watching us and snitching on us to our parents, or there might be cameras all over the house but I seriously doubt that, it’s actually not possible, it might actually be because of Feyi holding my boxers while her crouch was dripping wet

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