Dear prospective wives!!

Hello Fibbians, so recently I’ve been engrossed in the study of human behavior, trying to understand why we do what we do and the extent at which we’d go to satisfy certain biological and social needs. Okay, enough with the formality, this ain’t a final year project……lol.

Anyways, I carried out a survey trying to understand the extent at which an average Nigerian female would go just to say the magic words “I DO”……and i must say I’m quiet mystified and intrigued.

On this fateful evening, I decided to take a walk, found a chill spot and decided to sit for a while and absorb the Abuja scenery, quite fascinating i must say, till i was distracted by this peng ting. Apparently, she was on the phone with a friend, luckily twas on speaker so i decided to not mind my business and eavesdrop. Basically, she was gisting her friend how she met this guy and how she “thinks” he’s a potential husband and how she visited him the day before……..Not a bad thing i must say………till her friend asked her if she cleaned his house, she said No, and explained that she regrets not doing so cause the guy might look elsewhere thinking she’s not a wife material.

I was puzzled, picked up my phone, checked the calendar cause i had to be sure we were in 2019, cause that’s some 1989 shii right there. How do you think cleaning a nigga’s house will make him marry you?….That’s just Sad!….. Only for me to have a conversation with an older female who gisted me how one of her friends used to clean her ex’s house, wash his cloths and underwear, display mad gymnastic moves in bed, cook for him, with hopes of marriage, only for the nigga to marry the love of his life ( from the definition of ex, he obviously didn’t marry her). Well, she said all this to make me see reasons why men are scum. Guess what, i disagreed!!

First off, we’re in 2019. The definition of “values” have changed, and it’s your fault if you’re not updated. In a world where fornication is no more a shameful act but an ego booster, same sex marriage is a norm, religious leaders are publicly mocking their beliefs, you’re still thinking the 1990 definition of wife material, where you have to carry out housewife duties so you can be “considered” for marriage is still very much intact? WOW!!! look at me thinking Joaquin Phoenix( The joker) was the only 2019 clown……lol

Classic Clown!!

Look around you, the economy is bad, the task on the average responsible man to be the breadwinner is getting more difficult by the day, and you’re really thinking he’ll leave that career woman with a good job for you with housewife and culinary skills?? lol

Sadly, some of you go the extra mile of getting pregnant for a nigga and have your family members force him to marry you. Unfortunately, he agrees, he marries you, and because he was never in love with you, he treats you badly, cheats on you with the love of his life, beats you, now you’re sad, depressed, bitter, you hate men and probably teach your daughter to hate men too……really, to what end?? Is that really what you desire?? why demean yourself??

This is 2019, 2020 is fast approaching and I think it’s time y’all understood some things.

  1. Marriage is neither a trophy nor a poverty alleviation scheme.
  2. Your mental health is really important.
  3. Y’all should stop all these Men-are-scum campaigns, the attention is just reinforcing their bad behavior and boosting their ego.
  4. Please amplify your self esteem, do things because you wanna do them, get a BSc, Masters, PhD if you wanna…showcase your talents, don’t bury them for a short-sighted nigga….Travel to where you wanna, expose yourself, knack because that kitty doesn’t eat beans or french fries and not because it might make him happy.
  5. Stop investing too much in a nigga who doesn’t really give a shii about you and the maddest ting is, if you sit back and open your eyes you’ll see that the nigga ain’t shii…..
  6. Making excuses for his bad behaviours??….That’s a No! No!!

To be honest you guys have no idea about the extent to which guys would go just to get laid!!!

Hope you find this article enlightening…………Shalom!!

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