Emotional Blackmail

You see, I get tired of the older generation making statements that makes us, ‘the millennials’, seem like we’re taking a nose dive in terms of values, culture, and respect, when in fact some of these so-called elderlies are the cause of our rebellion.

On this day, I boarded one of the BRTs that plies Ikorodu to Unilag and back. This woman told me to move to the other seat on the row where I was seated, whilst there were still empty seats all around. I gently explained to the woman that it will be very uncomfortable for me being a tall dude, as the spaces between the seats arranged in that column were horribly close and I needed a bit of space to stretch out one, if not two of my legs. One will think she whould be understanding since I explained and all; at least she should have children as old, if not older than I am. But no, this woman remained dogged, and I wasn’t ready to give up that seat. You see, I was what you could call the definition of “tired” and I wasn’t ready to undergo any more stress as the journey to Ikorodu was long and full of gridlock. The words that came out of the woman’s mouth just never stopped to amaze me till date. She said, “so you won’t get up” before she hissed and sat somewhere else.

Another is the story of an old woman, who after being well informed of the transportation fare to Bariga from Unilag, still got on the tricycle (keke-maruwa) with just 30naira. When it was time to pay her fare, she turned to my friend and I saying “Eyin boyz e de bami add twenty naira”. At that point, I ceased to understand Yoruba and turned a deaf ear. She then faced my friend and tried talking him into adding the remaining money for her. Reluctantly, he added the twenty naira to the fare he wanted to pay the driver, leaving the woman to pay the 30naira. When we alighted the tricycle, the driver asked for the balance she was to give him and then the next thing that came out was “won ti sanwo temi”. I immediately bursted into laughter. I was not being rude at that point, I was just dumbfounded that she thought my friend would pay her fare, forgoing their previous agreement which was at that point, totally unplanned and unbeneficial to him in any way. My grouse with this old lady was not the fact that she had no money, but she, knowing fully well she didn’t have, did not inform anyone until we were halfway through the journey. A simple “please my sons, help me” might have just done the trick. But her manner reekedd cunningness.

Dear Old people, we are tired of the guilt card you always try to pull on us — enough with the emotional blackmail. We are not loosing respect for you, y’all are the ones making us lose it.

Sincerely Yours,

A concerned millennial

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