Davido Doesn’t Have To Fail For Wizkid To Win Na!

The beef going on between these two fan bases just shows how rotten the human race is. I know its not that deep, but think about it, every time Davido does something (great or not) Wizkid is trending, with the Starboy fc trying to downplay whatever success Davido has gained and the 30 billion gang fan club just constantly bashing Wizkid for basically doing nothing.

I know the artistes have nothing to do with this beef, this post is nothing even about the comparison of these artistes. My issue here is, why do you all always try to bash one when the other does something successful? And mind you, both have been having a successful career run for the past five years. It’s like we don’t understand the concept of ‘everyone can shine’ and this plays out in our day to day lives where people sabotage others because yunno jealousy and the idea of ‘I am the only one who has to win’.

It’s like if everyone gets what you have, it lessens the importance of that thing. This is a very toxic way to think, trust me it is. Well, Nigeria is a very toxic place to be in, but we have to change the mentality of trying to discredit what others do just to make our achievement look good. This ideology creates unnecessary hate and please don’t hide under the banner of healthy competition, because deep down there is always that jealousy but most people just try to suppress it till they end up being the devil and do something evil.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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