Dairy of the Dark, ttwisted and Unlucky (chapter 3)


Dear Diary,

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. But about what happened last night, what does this mean as regards our relationship? Where does this put us? Eere we about to commit the greatest abomination known to humanity? I’ve never been a religious person or ever been scared of going to hell. I don’t believe in those childhood stories, but this doesn’t just feel right.
Maybe I was just getting over myself, maybe I was just over thinking. She was clearly drunk yesterday, so what happened didn’t exactly mean anything.

I got to school trying my possible best to avoid my sister and it looked like I was doing a good job.

The day moved really slow and I wished for the it to end quickly. Then kelvin walked up to me.

“Hey, you know what? I like you and I’m going to teach and mentor you, I would allow you follow me to my club, so you can see how DJING is done. You can learn, and network with people. Don’t worry I’m going to make you famous” he said, smiling at me.

I was a little confused with what just happened. First, he asked me a question without giving me any chance to reply. Now he wants to teach me how to live? Didn’t I look like I was already living? But the fact that I could follow him to his club and network was looking really tempting, still I did not trust him. Well, sometimes, in life, you have to take chances.

“Alright, that will be cool” I tried to smile back.

“Okay, you see that girl right there, I’m about to get it on with her tonight” he winked at me and walked towards her

I just sat in the class doing nothing, we were done for today but I was too scared to go home considering what happened between my sister and I the night before.

“Nice to meet you too”. A voice came from my back like the person was trying to whisper,

I turned to see who it was, it was a girl with a huge smile on her face. I recognized her from my classes, but we never really talked or made eye contacts. This made me wonder why she was trying to talk to me, it was really confusing and I had no idea what to say.

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” We are in the same class”, she said, noticing my confusion.

“Yes, I know. Hi, I’m Folarin”. I was trying to survive the situation

“You don’t talk much abi?” She had that smile on her face again, which was starting to make me believe that she was flirting with me.

“Yea, not really, I’m still trying to adapt to the new environment”, I said, trying to act calm and collected. I mean she is beautiful, she has a chiseled face, striking eyes that look like they could see through your soul, and broad lips which looked really good for kissing.

“My name is Nifemi” she kept that smile on 

“Cool”. I had no clue what else to say, I was starting to screw this up.

“Okay? So, tell me about yourself?” She giggled

“Alright, I already told you my name, I’m 19 years old, I love music, like I’m crazy about music” Suddenly, I didn’t feel any pressure, I was starting to feel relaxed.

” So you are an artiste, or what?”, she inquired with the I-know-your-type look. Recently, any teenager or young adult you meet is most likely btrying to be some kind of pop star or rap artist.

“No, I just enjoy listening to music” I lied, I really can’t call it a lie, I’m not even a good DJ.

“Hmmm, okay” it felt like she did not believe any word I said

“Okay your turn, tell me about you?” I tried to push the pressure to her 

“Well you know my name, I’m 20 years old, I enjoy listening to music, I’m very emotional, a hopeless romantic, my favorite movie is Fault in our stars” 

my face lite up when I heard those words, she was just perfect, I was already falling hard. 

“That’s my favorite movie too” I smiled at her 

“Really? What do you love about it?” She grinned at me, as if she thought I would lie about that to impress her, well if it wasn’t my favorite movie I probably would.

” I love the fact that the story wasn’t sugar coated, that’s really life, there is no happy ever after unlike those stupid Mexican series they show nowadays, if it was a telenovela, they would have a cure for Gus and Hazel, that would have just been a lie, in real life people just die, end of story, so I think we should just enjoy life, appreciate it, love it, and impact in somebody’s life, like Gus did for Hazel and Hazel did for him” 

“Wow” I could see she was both surprised and impressed at the same time

“I just like romance movies that’s all, but it’s cute to see a boy into romantic movies” she said laughing 

Now I’m sure she sees me as a she male, she probably thinks I’m gay, I was already feeling tensed, I started sweating

“Is it hot? are you okay? ” she noticed my sweating 

“I don’t know, I just sweat a lot, it doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold” I tried to calm her down

” Wow, I think you should see a doctor about this” I could hear the concern in her voice

” okay” I said it like I was going to take this sweating serious, I have never been the person that takes his health serious, I always see death as inevitable, something that can’t be avoided, that can’t be stopped. But it felt really nice to have someone look worried about me,

“So relationship?” Those words just slipped out of my mouth, what was I thinking! Now I’ve made everything awkward, I just ruined my chance with this girl

“Well, I have a boyfriend if that’s what you are asking, we’ve been together for over 2 years” I could see the love in her eyes has She was speaking 

“Wow, that’s nice, you guys really are trying” just like that my hopes of having this girl started fading 

Just then a guy came through the window and signaled at her

“Sorry I have to go, it was nice talking to you though” she stood up and left.

The rest of the day went by quickly, I got home still thinkingabout this girl that I couldn’t have, as I opened the door to my room my eyes nearly fell out of its socket.

There sitting on my bed were two naked girls, my sister and a friend of hers 

“We have been waiting for you” the other girl said biting her lower lip

” you didn’t think last night was going to end like that did you? My sister grinned at me

I couldn’t believe this was happening, this felt like a scene from a porn movie, this was incest and again with another girl that I don’t know…

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