COVID-19: Productive Things To Do During The 14-Day Lockdown

For the next 14 days, most individuals will be on complete lockdown. This isn’t a familiar routine for most of us as we are used to attending parties on weekends and doing a whole lot of walkabouts. This measure is a positive step to curb the spread of a global pandemic-Corona virus.

For the next two weeks, you’ll have a lot of time at your disposal. Don’t just waste it binge-watching your favorite show or scrolling relentlessly on social media. Here are a few ideas on productive things to keep your days rewarding.

  1. Spare Some Time To Exercise
    Staying home with fewer opportunities to go cycling, running or visiting the gym is sure tempting to curl up and lazy around the house. With things spinning out of control in the world, this is a perfect time to put your health in order by building daily exercise into your routine. Regular exercise is essential for supporting a healthy immune system, boost your mood, and keep you as healthy as possible. That, again, is for you if you ask me. Do some simple skipping, push-ups, crunches, squats, plank, reverse lunges, and more.
  2. Do Some Yoga
    Long hours of sitting idle are bound to take a toll on your back, eyes, and activeness. Some yoga can help you remain energetic. You can easily go on YouTube to find yourself a Yoga session that you can engage in.
  3. Do Some More Learning
    There is so much to learn even from the comfort of your home. Now is that perfect time that you have always wanted to take that professional course or skill to improve on yourself. Someday, the pandemic will be over and it’ll be back to business as usual for everyone. But that little time you spent taking that course or learning that skill can set you apart for that promotion, bigger paycheck or any opportunity at all. Trust me, you want to be among those to make gains once this is over.
  4. Be Amazing In The Kitchen
    Here is the perfect opportunity to try out that recipe you’ve always thought about. And if you haven’t cooked in a long time, now’s your chance to wear that chef hat again. Don’t be afraid to do some mixing, you just might discover a goldmine while on it, and if it sucks-your buds will be glad for you (rolls eye).
  5. Pamper Yourself
    I don’t think I have to tell you this, but I will. You friggin’ need to pamper yourself. Prior to this situation, you have worked your ass off to make a living. This is the universe repaying you with a break you genuinely deserve. Revive your beautiful looks. Exfoliate and hydrate your skin to make it super soft, oil your hair and give it some homemade treatment. Damn!…, by the time the lockdown is over, you gon’ be glowing and beautiful.
  6. Clean Those Ignored Spots In The House & Arrange Your Wardrobe
    During your regular cleaning, you missed some spots – like behind your TV, the nooks of your window, corners of your ceiling, etc. You don’t have to miss those spots anymore. Use your free time to dust them and keep them clean. You’ll have yourself to thank later.
  7. Attend To Your Social Media Profile
    Yes, that shabby intro you made of yourself isn’t doing you much justice. Take this time to revamp your social media page. After all, it is an extension of your image.


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