Beyoncé and her fans have a very toxic relationship

Beyoncé is one of the greatest entertainers to walk this earth and there’s no doubt about that.

She puts her spirit, soul, and body in every performance, so it’s not surprising that people love her. But the adoration her fans are getting is a bit over board and dangerous.

There was a video of a woman named Nicole Curran, who was seen leaning over Beyoncé, to talk to Jay-z. While there was nothing visibly wrong with what she did, the Beyhive took it upon themselves to send this woman death threats for supposedly disrespecting Beyoncé.

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According to the woman, she was only trying to get Jay-z’s drink order, and couldn’t fathom why people wanted to kill her.

I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. This kind of fanatism is the kind that terrorists express. Frankly speaking, Beyhive is legit a dangerous sect.

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