Artist Profile: Y’all Meet the night prince (Fahad Almotawa)

Art is an expression, it’s a way of life, I had a talk with cartoonist Fahad Almotawa about his art and what’s it means to him.

Question: Tell me about you in relation to your art? 

Fahad: My relation with my art is very strong. I love drawing so much, not one day passes that i don’t draw, i cant even. If I cant draw for one day i have to at least sketch something.

Question: When did you start drawing?

Fahad: I started drawing since i was very young. I would just scribble and scratch the paper without even knowing what i’m doing. Then as i grew up i started drawing horses and fairies alot. 

Question: What made you start and when did you start taking it seriously? 

Fahad: What made me start were horses, yes horses. Because i’ve always admired  how they look and how beautiful they are and I think I just always had to just draw them. A couple of years ago i stopped drawing like just stopped without even touching a pencil for so long, and then when i wanted draw something i found myself that i cant draw like i used to, so thats when i took it seriously and told myself to never stop drawing, i’m still scared to forget how to draw to this day.

Question: What’s your favorite art piece ? 

FAhad: I don’t have a favorite art piece  because all art pieces speaks for it self and all of them are unique on their own.

Question: What are the challenges you have been facing as it concerns your art? 

Fahad: The challenges I’ve been facing them are when drawing landscapes and big worlds because i’m not used to keep drawing the same art piece for days, but i’m working on patience and teach myself to finish the drawing that i work on.  

Question: have you been able to overcome them?

Fahad: I have been able to overcome some of my challenges.

Question: What will you use to describe your art?

Fahad: I would describe my art as a way of expressing my feelings and drawing whatever comes to my mind because i believe that my imaginations can become real.

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