Artist Profile: Y’all, Meet Iyunola Sanyaolu

A lot of people don’t know me and those that do know I love art and I’d die for the need to express. For the past few months, I have been gathering a number of creatives and we have just been discussing art.

My new obession is this amazing painter and I finally got her to talk about her art.

Question: Tell me about yourself as it connects to your art?

Iyunola: Hello😊, I’m Iyunola Sanyaolu, a visual artist based in Lagos. I took an interest in art when words failed to express my imaginations and my feelings, and my being. I transform and transfer the ills going on around me and uplift myself with my art . It’s basically therapy for me.

Banji: it’s cool, really.

Iyunola: Thank you

Question: Which is your favorite amongst all your pieces? And what’s the theme around the 2018 archive pieces you’ve been posting lately?

Iyunola: A favourite? From all my works! Wow, uhm some works will be angry with me oh 😅But I’ll go with the Untitled piece with the quote “When I grow up, I want to be like you, Childlike”

Iyunola: 2018 Archives is basically a collection of works I did in 2018 that I just started appreciating. Works when I painted at first that were not “it”. I wasn’t fully satisfied with their outcomes. I think all I needed was time, ’cause these pieces are beautiful!!!!! 😭

Banji: lol, thank God you now appreciate them

Iyunola: yeah

Banji: Thank you for doing this

Iyunola: Thank you, Banji ❤️

So guys, y’all should follow her on IG and buy her art.

Ps. A video series with this amazing painter is coming soon. Here you get to see more about this artist and her works.

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