Artist Profile: Y’all, Meet Deji Faturoti

If you don’t know by now, let me tell you, we at FIBBS are passionate about artists and the need to be expressive.

Today, the artist we’ll be profiling is an amazing photographer and a personal friend of mine. Deji Faturoti takes my breath away with his phone and camera that I just had to have a sit-down with him as we discussed his artistry.

Question: So tell me about yourself in relation to your art.

Deji: Okay, I have always had a thing for photography. I grew up loving art. My sojourn into photography started when I was a diploma student. I took a very nice picture of a tree with beautiful flowers. This motivated me to pursue my love for photography. I was also influenced by my very close friend, Bright Oyagha.

Banji: that’s real nice, so photography found you

Deji: lol, yeah

Question: When did you decide to take it serious?

Deji: I decided to take it serious after my diploma, that was in 2016

Banji: And how has the journey been so far?

Deji: I thank God for this photography journey. But trust me, the journey has not been easy.

Banji: What’s has been the most stubborn of all the difficulties?

Deji: Hmmmm, The most stubborn of all the difficulties was getting myself a personal camera and other photography tools.

Banji: And how have you been able to cope with this?

Deji: Well… I have gotten my camera, but before now,i tried my best to push my brand and make it known to people around me. I also got myself prepared till I got myself a camera, by making connections, and learning and working from top photographers like felifelz photography, as well as my colleagues like Oyagha photography and Makinwa Osukoya.

Question: So tell me what Zebra Photography is all about? What’s its essence? I know you do doc series. Tell me about the latest one?

Deji: Hmmm, Zebra Photography is a brand owned by Faturoti Ayodeji….Basically,i cover events, but because I didn’t have a personal camera at first and I didn’t want my brand to die down because I had no camera, I decided to do documentary photography using my phone.

Banji: lol, I understand you completely.

Deji: It’s not exactly a series since it was a phone photography thing. I had no plan to do any series. I just take pictures whenever I am on the road and I feel it would be really nice to document them. But my last series was with my camera… It was a documentary photo walk at ikorodu

Banji: And how would you describe the people of ikorodu? How did the people react to you taking their pictures? Did you have to get consent first?

Deji: With my last documentary at ikorodu, I just wanted people to understand how different people enjoy their works or professions, especially market people.I feel the people of ikorodu are really in love with pictures. After taking their pictures, they requested a copy of the pictures. Moreover, they enjoy working and love their works. Obviously,not everyone would react nicely, but majority of them were nice and wanted their pictures taken. Yes, since it was a group photography thing, Ikorodu people were comfortable with their pictures being taken, unlike when I used my phone. I never took permission from people before taking their pictures.

Banji: Now how did you deal with those who didn’t react nicely?

Deji: All I did was to explain to them that it was just a picture they should be comfortable with. Those who didn’t agree still, I had to leave them. I feel their fear is seeing their pictures on Billboards or social networks. However some wanted their pictures to be on billboards because they feel their lives might change like the popular Jumoke the Bread seller.

Banji: lol, thank you for doing this bro!

Deji: You’re welcome, bro.

I know his pictures are breathtaking, and if you love ’em, follow him on IG and book him for your events.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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